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10.06.06, 03:54 PM

10.06.06, 04:35 PM
Hadn't seen that in forever. Barely remembered that or the movie. What year was that? For some reason I'm thinking '85 or '86. Seems like it was after Stallones First Blood II. Nice Find. :thumb:

10.06.06, 04:46 PM
love this song!!! good find

Double Down
10.07.06, 04:32 AM
Lol...Stallone is so cheesy. I like the guy but he cracks me up. He fucking loves himself!

10.07.06, 06:47 AM
First off, Great song! I remember the first time I saw that video. I laughed so hard when Hagar and Stallone ended in a n arm wrestling match. Thought that was fun, why don't they do stuff like that anymore :confused:

10.07.06, 08:24 AM
Christ that is funny. Sam looks about 16 in this one. :D

10.07.06, 10:15 AM
Ahhh...1987. LOVE the tune. That's another one Ed played bass on as well...:cool:

10.20.06, 07:11 PM
Haha, it's been yonks since I've seen Over The Top. Thanks for posting that!

Double Down
10.21.06, 03:20 PM
I used to love that tune back in the day. That song just drips of 'movie soundtrack song'.

10.25.06, 06:44 PM
Great vid!! I'd never seen that before, but I love Over the Top and the song! I've seen Over the Top tons of times, one of those old VCR tapes I had and watched billions of times as a teenager. "From the Independent truckers, LINCOLN HAWK!!" "I'll rip your shittin' arm off boy!" "My hat is like a switch, when I flip it around I feel like a machine!"

Man, after watching that clip I think I'll have to pop in the DVD and freshen up on Over the Top, see Lincoln Hawk take on Bull Hurley, Mad Dog Madison, Billy Bob from Texas, John Grizzley and Harry Bosco. Pathetic I know, but I loved that movie way back when.