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08.28.00, 07:48 PM
Here is the nominees:

a)(Oh)Pretty Woman
d)Hot for teacher
e)Why canīt this be love(Live without a net)
f)When itīs love
g)Right Now
h)Donīt tell me
i)Humans Being
j)Without you

your choice???

I reach across to the other side to make contact with you.You fill my dreams.I wanna tell you,tell me why youīre crossing over...

08.28.00, 07:51 PM

Unchained Wolfie
08.28.00, 08:15 PM
Hot For Teacher

"Take it off, Take it off, Yeah!"


08.28.00, 08:55 PM
Pretty Woman, the banned from MTV version. Very funny!!!


Women And Roth First
08.28.00, 08:58 PM
Hot For Teacher

"Waldo get on the bus"!


Eat Us And Smile!!

08.28.00, 10:08 PM
Humans being

" I'm not youre fucking Messiah" Eddie Vedder

track 5
08.28.00, 10:21 PM
The one we haven't seen yet. Out

No Bozo's
08.28.00, 10:51 PM
Poundcake ...

Broken down 'n' dirty dressed in rags

I'm searchin moonlight and looking for a moonbeam, yeah you spent a lie and got lost in the jet stream ...

"Yah looking back all the years of video tape I suddenly realize now,
that I look like a fish!" Alex Boceebus Vo Halen

08.29.00, 07:05 AM
Human beings for me !

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08.29.00, 07:43 AM
Without You is a great video, Humans Being & Panama are cool too.

08.29.00, 07:58 AM
The video/animation I made for "respect the wind" is pretty cool.

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08.29.00, 08:31 AM
Hot For Teacher is way out in front.
IMO, that's the best damn video that was EVER on MTV

I don't care if critics pick Thriller by Michael Jackson or Sledghammer by Peter Gabriel as the 2 best music videos... my vote is Hot For Teacher. That is such a funny, clever video. I love the part where the 4 of them are wearing those cheesy suits and sunglasses! Too sweet!

Dan Halen
08.29.00, 09:03 AM
Hot For Teacher

Waldo is a crack-up, there are some chicks in it, and it's so freakin' funny!

Dan Halen

08.29.00, 09:34 AM
My top two are 'Right Now' and 'Jump'.
Very ironic because they are at the polar
extremes of video making.

May the Phoenix that is Van Halen rise again!

08.29.00, 10:36 AM
Hot For Teacher.

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08.29.00, 10:49 AM
For me, it's a toss up between "Panama" and "Hot For Teacher". These videos capture the band at their peak of the Roth era. Just goofin' around, having fun, scantily clad women one none stop party. Geez,I miss those days.

Alright You Sinners, Swing!

Rippin Loud
08.29.00, 01:28 PM
Hot for teacher for the video but my fav of all time is the live version of unchained!!

08.29.00, 08:37 PM
all 3 live fair warning vids (unchained, so this is love, hear about it later) theyve all aired on tv up here....... unchained is the best one.

panama (cuz of the live 84 footage)
humans being
hot for teacher

*Might As Well Go For A Soda!* - Kim Mitchell '84


Sweet William
08.30.00, 05:39 AM

Made on a shoestring budget, relied on nothing more than great music, high energy and attitude. Shows the greatness that once was Van Halen.

08.30.00, 02:00 PM
Tough call! Probably give it to "Hot for Teacher." ( A slight edge over my second, "Panama.")

09.02.00, 03:39 PM

Red-Balled Mammoth
09.02.00, 04:34 PM
Hot For Teacher
So This Is Love?(FW live '81 promo-Oakland)
(Oh) Pretty Woman(MTV-banned)

Not in any particular order. The thing I don't like about HFT is that it's mostly black and white Oh well

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Panama Dog
09.02.00, 07:10 PM
Definately Hot For Teacher!

09.02.00, 07:51 PM
Jump!...watching it makes me feel like its 1984 all over again

"...I'm your last loose end!"

09.02.00, 07:56 PM
For me Donīt tell me

I reach across to the other side to make contact with you.You fill my dreams.I wanna tell you,tell me why youīre crossing over...

09.04.00, 10:48 PM
Panama. Cracks me up when each of them are flying by the seats of their pants...
Reminds me of a Monkees episode.

I don't feel tardy.