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04.18.02, 08:33 AM
Living in Maine has it's druthers... and one of them is that it totally sucks! This state is so far behind in the music scene it is literally sickening. Unless it's about Top 40 or Country Music, you'll hear NO news about anything in the real world of music.

Luckily, today I decided to peruse the internet and get the latest rumors about what my all-time favorite band was up to, and ran across this site. And to think that the first news I get in a couple years about VH is that of a Dave/Sammy tour?!?!?! WOW! YES!!!

I stopped searching for VH info on a regular basis back when they made the 2 new songs for BEST OF, talked about "reforming", and then "broke up" again. I just couldn't take it anymore...

So while this reunion is not as good as an "Original 4" reunion, it is good to see.

Are the dates that are out there now just preliminary? I notice no true East Coast shows... what about NYC? Boston? CT? GA? FL? What is the deal?!?!?

Anyone know if more dates are forthcoming? We all know that East Coast is King!

Dave says: "I'm going to do almost exclusively the VAN HALEN catalog. It's about time that we show up and not just do renditions. I have a hot band that will serve it large." DOES THIS MEAN that he is going to ruin every VH song he performs? Don't get me wrong - I believe DLR was the driving force of VH, and was the best member ever. But Dave seems to like to change words, forget words, make up words, etc. etc. I'd rather see the VH songs done more true to their original form than to see something like this Quicktime clip at www.davidleeroth.com (http://www.davidleeroth.com) (click to view and hear it) of Mean Streets. Okay, okay, tinker with the music and arrangement a bit, but keep the vocals the way they were!!!!

What do you guys and gals think?

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04.18.02, 08:49 AM
Dave wrote the songs, which means he can sing them however the hell he wants to. Geez, didn't you ever see the Grateful Dead? They changed their songs all the time ;)

Actually, I would like to see Dave pass up the overplayed hits like Panama and especially Jump in favor of songs he hasn't done in a while. Everybody Wants Some, Romeo Delight, Somebody Get Me A Doctor, etc.

04.18.02, 09:28 AM
You're timing is good if you dropped out in '96 and just made it back. Be grateful you missed the Cherone "era" and haven't been around for the last 3 years of countless reunion rumours and precisely nothing ever happening.

Just to get you up to speed - don't expect Dave to do mean street-type versions of the old VH stuff. It will be very, very true to the original to the extent that his last guitar player (Bart Walsh) was from a well known VH tribute band The Atomic Punks and his new guitar player (Bryan Young) is also from The Atomic Punks and allegedly does an even better impression of Eddie than Bart did smile.gif

Expect East Coast dates (probably July/August) if the first leg of the tour sells well.

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04.18.02, 09:54 AM
FORD, no, I never saw The Grateful Dead, and had no idea they changed their stuff up much wen they played live... I never saw VH with DLR either (although I do have a nice double-album bootleg of a 1984 concert at MSG). My first concert ever was Aug 26, 1986 in New Haven, the first night of the filming of Live Without a Net. I'd just like to hear the old VH songs done live the way they originally were, without Dave dropping in some "gangsta shit" (like he did on that Mean Streets vid clip), you know?

And Jonathon, how true! I couldn't believe that I just decided to check out what is up in VH world today, and I get such good news as this! HELL YEAH! I suppose the Cherone era is one reason I didn't keep up with VH the past couple years... that experiment was worse than New Coke! Eddie and Alex seem to be really hated now, I'll have to do some reading on why they are hated so much (I am seriously out of touch!!!!)

Thanks for the input, fellas! Praying for East Coast dates!!!

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04.18.02, 11:41 AM
The only thing I can say is Sammy is doing some shows on his own in early May and September. I'd say additional dates between those two periods is possible.