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04.18.02, 01:04 PM
The way I understand it a tour promoter for a tour like this will "buy" the concert rights of an act (or acts) and then "sell" it to venues. Then the venue will set ticket prices (probably with some input from the promoter) to maximise their profits.

According to Tikigod=TK, Dave and Sammy were asking 50k each per show. Suppose for the sake of argument the promoter wants to make 20k profit/show. So he sells the show to the venues for 50+50+20=120k.

Ticket prices seem to be averaging about $40, so the venues need to sell (by my calculations smile.gif )around 3000 tickets to break even. On top of that they have to pay expenses for staff, security, leases etc. But even if the only sell 8000 tickets they should still make a profit........right :D

By contrast I was told that VH were paid 300k/show on the VH3 tour and ticket sales were disppointing in most markets. Which is probably one (of many) reason the second Cherone album didn't happen - someone took a hit and it wasn't VH. Once bitten, twice shy as they say.....

**don't mind me, just trying to convince myself we'll get East Coast dates**

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fuck TK... :mad: