View Full Version : i wish i was fly on eddies wall right now

05.15.02, 04:28 PM
can you imagine, what eddie is doing, he could be listening to everything dave and sam are up too. as well as plotting his comeback,
but then again we all may get surprised in the end when sam and dave tour is over and
all sudden van halen is back out with new album and its dave or sammy as singer.
right now is perfect for a trick of van halen to slap us on the face.

just imageing thou right now. the whispers going on in the 5150 studio and the new songs as we speak being made
let us prey for eddie biggest comeback ever.
and its so funny seeing grown men on this site, acting like kids.
saying sammy is better or dave is beter, he said she said, and he sold more or less albums its crazy.
just proves one thing we love van halen, enough to fight p laters

05.15.02, 06:05 PM
wher didd i put thatt flieswater?

05.16.02, 02:13 AM
Ford, I like some of your sentiments! But, I say let's not swat the proverbial fly! while we know that Ed and Alex may not be happily motivated to get a new CD on the market, we both have to agree that the Sam and Dave tour will cause some consternation with Ed & Al. And that will get their musical & competitive juices flowing in the right direction.

05.16.02, 05:27 AM
..if i was a fly , id get my creative juices out alright .. all over sammys pop tarts..


05.16.02, 09:35 AM
I would love to have been in the room when either Eddie or Alex first heard about the tour. In the meantime, what are they doing? Nobody but a select few know the answer to that one. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them.