View Full Version : DC? New York, Philly? Boston? How about some east coast dates!

Marion Barry
04.25.02, 10:14 AM
I personally offer up some of DC's FINEST of Sir Lee Roth would grace our here shores with his high kicks, veracious screams, deep pockets and hungry nose. Who else would like some cocai...umm, I mean Lemon Merange pie?

Marion Barry
04.25.02, 10:19 AM
David Lee Roth...
Toastmaster General of the Immoral Majority,
Tour Guide on the road to ruin,
and now rock and roll's dirty old uncle!

Hope he and Sam hit the east coast. I feel like I'm gamblin' by not buying tickets to Columbus or Cleveland. I mean, come on. They'll HAVE to add some east coasts dates, right? Seems like they would need at least two shows for NY/NJ. Maybe one at MSG AND one at the Meadowlands!

Come on Dave (and Sam), give us a break!

04.25.02, 10:45 AM
Mayor Barry, would you have any incriminating photos of Bush Jr and yourself enjoying the snowfall of the Andes mountains?

Elwood P.
04.25.02, 10:52 AM
Come on FORD, Bush was a Beer drinker, Lone Star, I believe.

04.25.02, 11:07 AM
Originally posted by Elwood P.:
Come on FORD, Bush was a Beer drinker, Lone Star, I believe.Having such shitty taste in beer is reason enough not to trust him. Have you ever tasted that crap? It's worse than Olympia, and that's pretty bad graemlins/drunk.gif

Elwood P.
04.25.02, 11:19 AM
Well, I can't argue with you there FORD, that's some bad tasting stuff (Lone Star). Back in Texas, we used to say that it was made with the Rio Grande's finest water. And I drank a bunch of Olympia once, back around 86, close to half a case. Went down really smooth, but a wicked, wicked hangover the next day and haven't touched it since.

04.25.02, 11:41 AM
Back when Olympia was actually made in Olympia (or actually Tumwater) the advertising slogan was "It's The Water" .

And that's about what it tastes like, water. And you get worse hangovers from shitty beer because of the impurities in it. That (and fewer trips to the toilet) is why I stopped drinking crappy beer. Hell, I drink so seldom anymore, I might as well enjoy it when I do graemlins/drunk.gif