View Full Version : Sammy on Detroit Radio 5/20/02

05.20.02, 08:28 AM
Sammy is supposed to be calling in to 101 WRIF today at around 2:45 EDT. They also said DLR is supposed to be on WRIF later this week!

05.20.02, 08:35 AM
Cool!! Too bad I'm a little too far North to pick up the WRIF. :mad:

05.20.02, 12:56 PM
Heard him and he said Mike was going to play a few dates with him on this tour.

This came straight from Sammy's mouth. graemlins/thumb.gif

05.20.02, 12:59 PM
Well what else did he say??

05.20.02, 01:04 PM
Not much. Pretty much what we all know. And he talked about his tekillya. But the mention of Mike on the tour came up and he said Mike plans on playing a few dates.

Also said Dave tried to get together with VH 3 times and the brothers booted him out all 3 times.

Rod Dangle
05.20.02, 01:05 PM
He said Mike might play at few shows but it didn't sound definite. He said he (Mike?) doesn't want to piss off the brothers.

Other than that nothing really new. He said both him and Dave wanted to headline Detroit.

Sam said he's headling Detroit.....the way it should be.

Vince G.
05.20.02, 01:12 PM
After the final Hagar show in Vegas on Saturday night, I talked with Mike for a while and when I mentioned our conversation back at Pepper's regarding him NOT playing with Sam on this tour, he told me "Sam and I are seriously discussing it." When I told him that was great, that he had to do what makes HIM happy, and NOT Al & Ed, and how cool it would be to see him at either the Blockbuster show in Devore or Universal show in L.A., he again said, "Sammy and I are definitely talking about it. We'll see how it goes."

So...who knows? Maybe he will just say "fuck it" and play with Sam after all.

05.20.02, 01:14 PM
Did he say if they're getting along well [enough]?

05.20.02, 01:22 PM
Originally posted by dirtymovies:
Did he say if they're getting along well [enough]?If you mean Dave and Sam... He said they have thier times but everything was going good.

Vince G.
05.20.02, 01:22 PM
Originally posted by dirtymovies:
Did he say if they're getting along well [enough]?No, he didn't.

Vince G.
05.20.02, 01:23 PM
Originally posted by Vince G.:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by dirtymovies:
Did he say if they're getting along well [enough]?No, he didn't.</font>[/QUOTE]OOPS! graemlins/wtf.gif

Thought you were talking about Mike, Al and Ed.

05.20.02, 10:26 PM
anyone else noticing this????? mikey might play with sammy on this tour, but not dave?? hmmph! maybe mike doesn't even get along with dave anymore? just a thought


05.20.02, 10:30 PM
It's been my understanding that Mike doesn't care much for Dave.

Dave's head is huge. He's probably really hard to like from anyone but a fans perspective. Hell, he's even hard to like from us die-hard Dave heads at times. Especially when he puts out complete and udder crap on a DVD that we (thankfully) can't buy at least yet.

05.21.02, 05:04 AM
Hey Sammy, come to the East Coast and bring Mike with you. No offense to Mona but I'd rather hear Mike on the background vocals.