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04.17.02, 11:09 AM
This quote appeared in the Rolling Stone article on SAM & DAVE:

"[When]asked to speculate how the news of his pairing with Roth would be received in the Van Halen camp, Hagar offered his prediction. "Them fuckers smoked a carton of cigarettes and drank a case of beer, I guarantee it, before one word was said. They looked at each other and Ed went, 'Fuck, Al, what are we going to do?' And Al went, 'I don't know Ed, lemme think about it.'"

What a picture! graemlins/thumb.gif

04.17.02, 11:28 AM
Scary thing is that I can really see that being the case.

I love the quote from Sammy where he said that when he joined the band that he thought all the heavy drinking was just because they were so happy he was in the band.

That line is priceless. tongue.gif

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04.17.02, 01:22 PM

Sammy does have some good quotes, doesn't he.

04.17.02, 09:35 PM
at a boy, Sam!!!

04.18.02, 02:22 AM
sammy has good quotes,
dave has GREAT quotes..

04.18.02, 10:40 AM
Originally posted by edwardocatflappo:
sammy has good quotes,
dave has GREAT quotes..Dude, why start this shit now?

Stuff No More
04.18.02, 11:45 AM
Old habits die hard, Tonedaddy.

DLR The HIP Replacement
04.18.02, 12:45 PM
I'll buy THAT for a dollar! ;)