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04.16.02, 06:18 PM
I just went over to the DLR Army board to see if someone there might have any links to audio or video from today, & what I saw blew my fucking mind. :eek:

A bunch of these "Roth-core" guys are commiting hari kiri over there because of this tour. You'd think Dave had announced a homosexual allegiance to Mullah Omar or something. graemlins/scared.gif

Folks over there that I have seen defend Dave on these boards for the last 5 years through virtually anything & everything are turning on the man en masse for deciding to tour with Sammy. And what's funny is that I haven't seen any of the "Sammy sheep" throughout the various boards seem anything but tickled pink...

What's with that??? graemlins/sssh.gif

I think Dave hit it on the head. America needs this right now. graemlins/thumb.gif

So let's all get out under the stars, pour some drinks, pass some spliffs and remember that the end is not here yet, and that good times can still be pretty damn good!!!!

It's what makes life worth living.

And someone said it's "only" rock n' roll??? smile.gif

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04.16.02, 06:28 PM
I've always laid the smack down on Sammy--mainly because I didn't want him back in Van Halen.

This tour isn't bothering me--I'm glad they're switching nights for who goes on 2nd---and I can't say that I'll stick around for Sammy after Dave comes on, maybe I will maybe I won't-gotta get to the Atomic Punks show that night too.!

but, to me, Van Halen music has always meant summertime fun and it's painfuly obvious who all was the "fun" in that band--Dave, Mikey, and Sammy

I hope Eddie's healthy

after Sept 11th, I realized that life is too short to hold grudges or hate people.

I still hope VH doesn't get a 4th or 5th or 6th singer--cuz that won't work.

but DLR and Hagar touring outdoor venues this summer???--THAT is what Van Halen means to me

if the brothers want to sit at home and mope, that's their problem

and if the Army guys want to pass on seeing DLR cuz he's playing with Sammy, that's their problem too!

but I have a feeling that IF that tour rolls thru some of those guys hometown, they'll go to the show--they just won't tell anyone :D ;)

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04.16.02, 06:39 PM
This tour was the last thing I ever expected to see in this lifetime. And yes, I would much rather have Dave, Eddie, Mikey, and Alex on stage than Dave & Sammy together. But the Lying Dutchmen are the ones who made that impossible. Everyone should have understood this in 1996, when they used virtually the same script, after firing Sammy, that they used on Dave 10 years earlier.

Dave and Sammy were telling virtually the same story then, even though they had not yet met. Should we be surprised that they get along, now that they have finally got past the Dutch fueled bullshit and introduced themselves??

Eddie & Alex are the problem 1985. 1996. 1999. 2002. graemlins/irked.gif

Anyone who still believes otherwise isn't dealing with reality.

Top Timmy
04.16.02, 10:29 PM
Uh huh;)

Moving there now. graemlins/thumb.gif

04.16.02, 11:19 PM

Stuff No More
04.17.02, 06:42 AM
I have a feeling Star Wars said it best.

"There is a great disturbance in the force."

Somehow I'm feeling like, someway, I'll end up agreeing with Roth-heads sometime over all this, and it's slightly disturbing :D