View Full Version : what Tricks will dave play on sammy ?

05.11.02, 01:48 PM
2 hour show - dlr plays 1 55 , last 5 introduces sammy , then theres a power cut and the sound of dave laughing his nuts off..

it could happen here !

'what a way to run a railroad...'

05.11.02, 01:53 PM
he'll remember the fuckin words! tongue.gif

JMJ graemlins/bounce.gif graemlins/drunk.gif

05.11.02, 02:51 PM
i really doubt if this tour will go to the 2nd show

daves ego vs sammys stupidity makes for a lethal combination...

listening to the mp3 of the stern show was VERY enlightening...

sounds like sammy needs the exposure, well he's sure gonna get it - hoo ha!


05.11.02, 09:18 PM
ed, couldn't agree with you more.

i'm really dissapointed by the whole thing - they will kick the crap out of each other thats for sure.

ed and al must be cracking out the popcorn for this one rounder.

i totally understand why ed doesn't like dave.

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05.12.02, 01:17 AM
the best line on the stern mp3-

dave - 'i'm not sayin' my music's better than yours , i'm sayin' i'm better than you !'

oh dear...whoops apocolypse...!

at least the post gig punch up will make the headlines- publicity at last ! graemlins/yell.gif graemlins/bounce.gif