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Sammy Who?
04.30.02, 08:33 AM
Use this thread for pics of Sammy! :cool:

04.30.02, 09:03 AM
Sam kickin' some ass, or shadow boxing.. hahaha still a kewl pic of the red rocker


04.30.02, 09:19 AM
This tour apparently is getting guys who hate Sammy to start positive threads about him! :eek: I'm not sure "Sammy Who?" hates Hagar...but the name says it all! tongue.gif

Don Kirschner Fan
04.30.02, 08:09 PM
A friend of mine won a "Meet & Greet" with Sam & his band in Cleveland about 5 years ago. She got to go up on stage with the band & the other contest winners, and presented Sam with a pair of her panties. :D 'Rubbed 'em in his face... graemlins/thumb.gif

Her mom took about two rolls of film of the event; totally cool ! Mmebe I can get her to get them scanned. This would be the place graemlins/sssh.gif .
(She is married now, however :D )

Glenn Ford
05.06.02, 12:18 PM

Sammy Who?
06.05.02, 12:20 PM

Sammy Who?
06.10.02, 07:15 AM
Originally posted by Sammy Who?:

Bump! :D