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02.05.03, 05:07 PM
what are your techniques or styles in composing a song or music? :confused:

02.05.03, 08:47 PM
I haven't sat down to write in a couple of years. When I was writing every day it would depend on the inspiration. I may come up with a riff, then put the chords to it, then write the hook and finally the melody and lyrics. Other times I May just write the lyrics and melody, then put the music/chords to it, and come up with a cool riff or two. It just depends on the inspiration at the time. You have to jump on what you have, not necessarily use the same formula every time. I remember listening to the stones one day and one word set off a switch in my head, I grabbed a pen, the melody hit instantly, the lyrics 5 minutes later, and the music 5 minutes after that. Not that I have any hits on the radio, but I have written my best stuff instantly. At least that is my opinion. Do what is right for you.

02.06.03, 12:21 AM
Depends, sometimes I start with a melody and hope for inspiration or I get lyrics and fill in the song from there.

I work much better with someone else, a good vocalist who can write is worth his weight in gold.

02.06.03, 03:53 PM
Outside of The Real Deal (which is all covers), I've been writing with a guitar player off and on for the last 5 years. Our routine: he develops two rhythm guitar tracks that end up being verse & chorus, then he hammers out bridges and/or dynamic change parts - depending on what the feel of the existing parts demands.

I usually end up developing vocal melodies at the beginning of his 'hammering-out' phase, but occasionally I start earlier in his process. I almost always develop a melody before I develop a lyric, but once in a while lightning strikes and I get both at the same time. I greatly respect those vocalists that can write a melody and lyric simultaneously. It's not an easy thing to do...

Our songs are in the vain of Toto (first 4 abums), Rush, Satriani (w/vox), VH and solo Sting. We're working with Michael Rosen, an engineer with credits on 'Flying In A Blue Dream' & 'Raised On Radio', among others...

I enjoy writing songs as a part-time pursuit. My partner - on the other hand - lives and breathes music and is constantly playing and creating.

Ahhh, to be inspired... smile.gif

The Real Deal

PS: Axx...looking forward to the BOC next week!! Slims will be smokin'!