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07.19.00, 03:01 PM
Hey, this is cool, you get 50 cents per hour to surf the web. You have to download a viewbar that is about one inch high, which stays at the bottom of the screen with some ads in it...
You even get more money if you get people to join alladvantage.com...and that's why i'm posting here...lol. My idea is that everybody who joins alladvantage posts his id here so that the next one can enter him as a referral. You can have up to 5 referrals i think, and you earn money when one of them surfs the web...
My id is TPN-013

07.19.00, 03:14 PM
But just be ready to have all of your online habits tracked. Check the privacy policy closely before signing up for one of these things, and then check it again. Hell if I want yet another organization following me around.

07.19.00, 03:57 PM
Hey, just don't load the viewbar if you do something on the web you don't want to be tracked...
Phone taxes are rather high over here, so I'm glad about putting them down that way...

Aquatic Punk
07.19.00, 05:43 PM
Hey, my roommate did that...he had a program called deciet that surfed the web for him while he slept. It is a good pyramid scheme if ya figure out how to screw the system. hard to make big money, but easy small change.