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06.24.00, 05:59 PM
Has anyone ever seen a picture of Mike's wife? In the photo issue of the INSIDE there's a collage of pictures and one of them is Mike, a woman and the Jack Daniels bass guitar. Is that Mike's wife? Just wondering.

Steven B
06.24.00, 06:47 PM
Yep, that's Mrs. Anthony.
Not to shabby.
Been together since high school I think.

Vic Vega_0609
06.24.00, 06:54 PM
Yeah, that's really impressive considering the line of work he's in.

06.24.00, 11:18 PM
Just wondering is there a picture of them on any VH sites? Is she a looker?

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06.25.00, 07:27 PM
Susan Anthony , there is a pic of the band at Sam's wedding in a INSIDE mag a few years back , and VH's wives . I thought Al's wife Kelly was pretty hot . She's Ray Daniels sister , I guessed Al divorced her

06.25.00, 08:44 PM
yeah, ed6150, i heard that al's ex wife was ray danniels sis in law. don't hold me to that though. i think i heard that here. i may be wrong, so if someone could clarify...