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07.31.00, 11:02 AM
I just got this song from Napster. What's the original title of this song?

uncle ted
07.31.00, 12:04 PM
crazy from the heat

maybe i'm crazy,
or just too high...

i'm sorry, going crazy

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07.31.00, 12:05 PM
I know virtually no Spanish, but isn't loco Spanish for crazy? Therefore I suspect that that is probably the Spanish version of Goin Crazy. Dave did the entire EEAS album in Spanish as well, just the vocals, not the music.

07.31.00, 12:18 PM
Loco Del Calor= Going' Crazy!

For a non-Spanish speaking person Dave sounds like he really knows what he's singing!!!

Was the Spanish album officially released in any country?

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07.31.00, 12:30 PM
It was officially released, but I've never actually seen it. And isn't that Spanish that Dave is speaking in those South American bootlegs from 1983? If I'm correct, Dave obviously speaks Spanish very well.

07.31.00, 05:19 PM
I've got an MP3 of Loco Del Calor. I had Yankee Rose as well, but I must have misplaced it. Even in another language, they're fun to listen to.

07.31.00, 07:46 PM
I recently found part of a 1986 Rockline on Napster where they play Loco Del Calor (it's the only music that wasn't cut out of the show). Dave said that he had been speaking Spanish for some time, and having grown up in Southern California, knew a lot of Hispanic people who were real rockers, and so he rerecorded the entire Eat Em And Smile album in Spanish for them as well as the Spanish speaking audience around the world.

As far as I know, WB only issued one pressing of the Spanish album ("Sonrisa Salvaje" - not sure of the spelling) and it has been out of print ever since.

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08.01.00, 06:32 AM
Sometimes I'm just a big ol' moron. Like the time I had a copy of "Sonrisa Salvaje" and gave it away "because I don't speak Spanish". I gave it to one of my stepbrothers I'm pretty sure, even though he didn't have a turntable to play it on!

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Mikey Metalhead
08.02.00, 09:01 AM
Dave non-spanish speaking????.... NOT
It is a second language for him