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07.25.00, 02:57 PM
During the bridge of "Best of Both Worlds", Sammy and the band start interacting with the crowd. In the process, Sammy has a pair of white shoes and a pocket book thrown on stage to him. Sammy asks for some spray paint and colors the shoes. What color does he spray the left shoe and the right shoe?

07.25.00, 03:02 PM
Was it red & green?

07.25.00, 03:11 PM
The red part is right. Green is incorrect.

07.25.00, 04:05 PM
Red and orange.

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07.25.00, 05:49 PM
It's red and orange.

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07.25.00, 06:37 PM
yup! red and orange!

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07.25.00, 07:31 PM
"what kind of roadies we got out there......come up...."

07.25.00, 08:04 PM
errrrr... wasn't it red and yellow?.. Where's that damn tape!

07.25.00, 08:19 PM
LOL, funny that you guys mention this. I just bought that tonight
It's a cool video. I love the way Eddie improvises on this. On RHRN everyone sounds way too much like the albums. This is a cool vid.


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07.25.00, 08:32 PM
Whoever's shoes these are you can claim them after the show, but if you walk home in these everyone's gonna know you've been to a Van Halen concert.

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07.26.00, 06:16 AM
Red & orange is it.
Well I've been to the edge, I sttod and looked down, I could loose my ass up here baby, got no time to mess around.
When Sammy hangs out over the crowd, thats ballsy.
One thing i have allways wondered about LWAN,
why did they not include the "addicted to love" part on Best Of Both Worlds? That was cool.

07.26.00, 09:21 AM
Red and Orange it is! Congrats to Scott for answering it first and congrats to all you Links guys who nailed it down as well!

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07.27.00, 05:10 PM
No way! I thought they were both just red!

Oh well, it's an excuse to watch LWAN yet AGAIN!

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07.29.00, 12:55 PM
something else you'll notice on that song

when they all sit down on the stage it seems like i can hear Mike playing even though he's not playing

make sense??

during BOBW

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08.02.00, 08:10 PM
red and orange ? don't ask me if the left was red or orange though !!

08.03.00, 11:29 AM
hey guys listen when the crowd starts yelling "eddie, eddie" me & my brother got in a fight over what the crowd said he said they were saying "sammy, sammy" i said no way, but if you listen it kind of does.

08.03.00, 02:01 PM
I think some of the crowd is saying "Eddie, Eddie" and some are saying "Sammy, Sammy" at the same time.

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