View Full Version : what happen to the kids on hot4teacher video

07.06.00, 09:46 PM
i allways wondered what happen to the kids of hot4techer..
the min van halen kids,\\\
hey i know there all in a band know called the atomic punks lol

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07.06.00, 09:50 PM
If I was them I would never stop bragging about being in that video. Again, this is the kind of story the INSIDE should be doing. What a cool story these guys would have to tell.

Unchained Wolfie
07.06.00, 10:51 PM
Sounds like a good interview.

Nick "What is Understood Need Not Be discussed"

07.07.00, 05:51 AM
I want to know how old the kid that played Dave was when he first got laid. That would be a good place for The Inside to start. Y'know-did any of the band members' magic rub off on the kids?

07.10.00, 10:18 AM
The kids that played...

Alex went on to be a gynocololgist.

Mike became a Sumo wrestler.

Ed checked into Bellevue mental institution.

Dave became America's favorite game show host.

No one really knows what became of Waldo!

(Couldn't resist!lol)

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