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Buddhist Riff
07.20.00, 05:46 PM
Who was Ed's guitar tech in 86? A light bulb just went off in my head.... Zeke something or other...?

track 5
07.20.00, 07:09 PM
Since he asked you Glenn, I'll let you answer dude. You better hurry before I feel like buttin' in on this one. Hey Riff, pick something a little harder for Glenn next time, will ya! LOL. Out


07.20.00, 08:25 PM
Rudy Leiren???

07.20.00, 09:39 PM
Zeke Clarkhttp://

Guitar Room player files http://www.freedrive.com/
UN: vhlinks
PW: vhlinks


07.20.00, 09:50 PM
Homeunit's got it. A thread with my name and I get it wrong. Damn, it hurts.

Buddhist Riff
07.21.00, 08:03 AM
It wasn't meant as a trivia question. I have just been doing a little investigating to try and identify a certain person who has posted on these boards.

07.21.00, 08:51 AM
You shifty thing, B.R.!

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