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06.11.00, 07:35 AM
1.In the Pamela Smart movie,what did her vanity plate say?

2.Which member of the Van Halen history said live on MTV,"Val actually calls me Schnider"?

3.Where was David Lee Roth's last live performance with Van Halen?

4.What kind of guitar was the white and black striped guitar(the one from Van Halen 1)?

5.How old is Wolfgang?

6.Who won the Stanley Cup last night?

7.What beer got crossed off that was to be at the U.S Festival?(Check your Insides)

8.Who was the guitarist Eddie gave his number to and this person threatened to put it all over L.A?

9.What is Ed and Val's wedding anniversary?

10.What guitar player first transcribed "Eruption" in a guitar magazine years ago?

11.What song did the band perform on Dave Letterman?

12.What band member said,"well probably do two videos and take it from there." It was said outside with Kurt Loder.

13.What date did Eddie quit drinking?

14.What state did the Balance Tour start in?

15.How many gold fillings did Eddie get put in his mouth in 1998?

Good Luck!


06.11.00, 07:57 AM
1. No idea
2. No idea
3. Nuremburg, Germany
4. Boogie? Bought from Wayne Charvel
5. 9
6. New Jersey Devils
7. No idea
8. No idea
9. April 11, 1981 they were married
10. Steve Vai
11. Not Enough
12. Eddie?
13. October 2, 1994
14. Florida
15. 4?

06.11.00, 08:32 AM
12.Mike and yes 4 gold fillings for Edward pretty good Glenn! And yeah Boogie body and Charvel neck.Lynn Elsworth.


Unchained Wolfie
06.11.00, 11:55 AM
Isn't Wolfgang 10???

Nick " Changed, Nothin' Stays The Same"

Steven B
06.11.00, 01:51 PM
2. Gary C
7. 25 Cases of Tres Equis
8. Jake E. Lee

Oh, 1. Hot 4 Tchr?

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06.11.00, 05:56 PM
You guys are good. I think her plate says VANHALN