View Full Version : Mini-Eddie's guitar in "Hot for Teacher"

Top Jimmy84
05.28.00, 08:11 PM
Call me crazy, I know the part where mini-Eddie is "playing" the guitar is in black and white, but we all know you can tell shades, I think that the guitar that he is playing behind Ed in the solo part is a Frankenstrat colored white and black! Has anyone else thought or even noticed that?

Heroes are remembered but legends never die, and Eddie you are a legend

05.28.00, 08:20 PM
Yeah it is a copy of the Frankenstein. I have pictures of it! Wolfie must take that thing to school and bust ass!!!


Rick S
05.29.00, 12:44 PM
yeah i have a big picture of it..its red white and black...although it has two single coils no humbuckers ...

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