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07.01.00, 09:29 PM
Had this song on my mind a lot lately - nice rediscovery, really. Haven't really been one I've singled out in the past just was always there - my loss. Anyway, just wondering if anyone knows the origin of the title as at no time does Dave mention Romeo or the word delight. Anything ever been said?

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So pretty when her rockets flare
Still provin' every night
That her flag's still there...

07.02.00, 08:01 AM
First of all, what a great song. In my top 3 with Unchained and MWM. Second of all some of it was lifted from the WB demo 'Get The Show on The Road' most notably the 'taking whiskey..' part.

I always took the title to mean someone who lived for picking up chicks (Romeo) was going to be in their element at a party (delight) - but I'd like to here something more definitive.

07.02.00, 12:24 PM
good question, I'll be watchin this one.

sheepa latta peepah dabba looka foh a moopy


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Down In Flames
07.02.00, 12:57 PM
I've always wondered myself, but was to stupid to remember to ask.

07.03.00, 05:01 AM
Ask Glenn.......

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07.03.00, 09:36 AM
I thought Romeo Delight was Shakespeare character? Thought I read that somewhere? ???

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Mark Van Halen
07.03.00, 04:31 PM
the Shakespeare character is Romeo Montahue(its not spelled right, but i think thats how its pronounced)

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Blind Willie Loons
07.03.00, 04:45 PM
Is "Romeo Delight" 'Symptom of the Universe Part II'?

07.03.00, 05:46 PM
My 9th grade class read William Shakespeare's ROMEO AND JULIET this year and Romeo is Romeo Montague, not Montahue...just clearing that up


Mark Van Halen
07.03.00, 06:45 PM
good call Joe, i wasn't quite sure, its been 2 yrs since i've read it.

Rippin Loud
07.05.00, 11:13 AM
I have no idea????? Good question!!

07.05.00, 11:45 AM
Well the song title to me suggest some type of ladies man. So I think Dave was using it to present a mindset about the song....which is a dude trying to pick up girls. Just my guess.

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07.05.00, 04:34 PM
There are VERY few VH songs that don't mention the title in the song, I'd have to really think hard to find another. "Secrets" is another I just thought of.

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07.05.00, 05:22 PM
And from the same album as "Secrets" we have "The Full Bug"

07.05.00, 05:24 PM
5150 isn't mentioned in the lyrics.

07.07.00, 03:18 PM
Romeo Delight, absolutely one of my all time favorite VH songs....

The guitar in that song borders on speed metal... It's SICK!

Love it.

No Bozo's
08.29.00, 04:42 AM
I like the live versions of that song were
Dave forget's the lyrics and improvises!

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