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05.16.00, 04:19 PM
can someone tell me waht happened between ed & howard after 98. did he get pissed? are they cool?

05.16.00, 05:46 PM
The thing that I'd be pissed about, Ed didn't even know he was on the air at first. Howard could easily have cut to a commercial or something but didn't. "...Eddie's over there bowing in front of his amp..."
Yeah right, he was plugging his shit in man. Everytime he got up, just to like get his guitar or something, "...Eddie, sit down!..." What the hell is that? They're all probably cool now, I haven't heard anything though.

05.16.00, 05:57 PM
That whole morning was so bizare. I mean, they brought their gear to play and they didn't and all Ed kept doing was noodling with his guitar. He(Ed) seemed really nervous and he kept moving around alot and not being really into the whole thing. Maybe it was me but, even Stern thought there was something wrong.

05.16.00, 07:01 PM
Ed was on something on that morning. It may have been a whole pot of coffee or whatever, but he was weird.

As far as Howard just going to a "commercial", he can't really do it. He's got to somehow warn the affiliates that a break is coming up.

As far as Howard saying, "Ed, sit down....." Remember that it's a Radio Show too. He's got to keep the audiece informed of what's going on in the studio. They don't have the benefit of video monitors.

I must admit, Van Halen really looked like some assholes that day. No tune!!!!!!!! Hell everybody plays a tune on the Stern show.

You could really tell that Ed doesn't like Stern at all.

05.16.00, 07:49 PM
actually, i really enjoyed it. i felt like i was seeing the real VH, none of the bullshit i saw on mtv. after stern ripped on vh w/o dave, i was surprised ed was so cool.

track 5
05.16.00, 07:57 PM
Actually Jimmy ,Ed consider's him a budy. If you have a copy of the post MTV video award show in 92, Sammy is the one who says," Kurt, Howard Stern ruined ya'll's show." Eddie and Sam kind of get into it, because ED say's something like," Hey come on now, Howard is a friend of mine." But your are right about Eddie acting goofy that morning on Stern's show. Every time I watch it I'm like, "Damn Ed your're one of my hero's, but what the fuck." Real strange that morning. Out.

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05.16.00, 08:25 PM
This is something I forgot about and I lost my tape but yeah what was with Ed he was ripped! Real weird I mean REAL WEIRD! I don't wanna talk about it.


Vic Vega_0609
05.16.00, 09:56 PM
All right, Eddie was in a weird mood that day but it still ruled seeing them on there. I don't even like Howard Stern that much anymore but if he gets the mighty VH on again, I'll tune in.

05.17.00, 06:27 AM
i felt sorry for the guy in the dress. i don't think i could have done that.

05.17.00, 07:21 AM
I was disappointed that they didn't play that day. It could have been a big boost but
instead made them look like dicks. I tell ya
one thing, when Roth is on that show, it
ALWAYS is a good time!

05.17.00, 07:32 AM
I remember when Ed first came on, he didn't know he was on the air. You could hear him say,"If you crack off about me, or any one in my family I'm outta here", to which Howard replied,"Ed we're on the air". Might have set the mood.

Spanish Doctor
05.17.00, 08:18 AM
My tag says it all... http://www.vhlinks.com/vhlforum/smilies/wink.gif

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Deputy Van Halen
05.17.00, 08:52 AM
hey tribb, i didnt know he said that... is that right at the beginning??? i'll have to pop that in and check it out

05.17.00, 09:32 AM
Knowing the way Howard Stern is, I think it was a huge mistake for the band going on there. I remember Ed sayin' somethin' to the effect of "no question about Val or Wolfgang". Anybody who's even listens to Stern for 5 minutes, knows he leaves no stone unturned. I think we all know Ed's a sensitive guy, so I couldn't see it coming off too good. Dave's been on with Howard, and he can handle himself. But somehow, I don't think the rest of the band is up to the task of dealin' with Howards' crude humour.

Sweet William
05.17.00, 09:53 AM
1996, and the interview on Stern, really changed my perception of Ed. I really used to have him up on a pedestal. I still think he's awesome, but he's not on the pedestal anymore.

05.17.00, 09:55 AM
Howard has a way of doing that to people.

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05.17.00, 01:47 PM
At the very beginning, Edward stated that he didn't want any comments about his wife and kid, which I thought was a reasonable request when dealing with Stern. So he was in a bad mood, big deal. I didn't think he was acting weird. It's a little early in the morning for those guys and the whole band seemed really subdued. I only listened to it on the radio, but I'm taking it that someone caught it on TV? What made anyone assume Ed was "on something?"

Could this be magic?

05.17.00, 02:12 PM
ed always seems kind of shy in thoise kind of situations. and stern is obnoxious enough to intimidate anybody he's interviewing. i dunno-maybe he was also
drunk-was this pre or post rehab?

05.18.00, 03:29 PM
Yeah Deputy, it's right at the beginning before the interview started, but you can hear it clearly.