View Full Version : Was Alex married when David Lee Roth still in the band?

Spanish Doctor
09.07.00, 06:26 PM
Ed and Mike were.. and Dave wasn't of course.

Was Alex single?

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09.07.00, 07:43 PM
yes alex was married when dave still is in vh...
i saw a DLR interview (in Eat Žem and smile tour backstage)and he saids about that was a reason for he leaves the band...
Dave said: "Mr Sticks does not wanted make a record because he was driving the country with his new wife"
so i guess Alex was married in 1984

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09.07.00, 08:40 PM
to a girl named valerie too, i think

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09.08.00, 09:34 AM
THAT IS CORRECT SIR! HO! HO! HO! HO! (my Ed McMahon impersonation)

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09.08.00, 02:57 PM
Yes ... Alex was still married during 1984 !

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Spanish Doctor
09.08.00, 04:27 PM
Allrite thanx

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"I may not be the best lookin' baby,
But I'm the right tool for the job." - DLR 1998

09.10.00, 07:19 AM
Wasn't her name Valerie Kendall? Many years and my memory may not be what it used to, but I think I remember that.

- Kerry

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09.11.00, 10:20 AM
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by powerbiltkh:
Wasn't her name Valerie Kendall?
<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Yes. I have no idea when they were married though.