View Full Version : Site down again...We are moving though!

05.10.00, 11:56 AM
Well again this morning, we were down for about two hours, and I have finally had it with our host, http://www.burst.net.

I spent the morning looking for new web hosting services and I signed up with a new well-known company. So after my account is set up I will be spending the next several days moving the site to its new home. I intend to move the message boards first, as that will be the most tedious process, but at least if there is anymore downtime before the complete transfer, the forums will still be up. I am so hoping this is the last time the site will ever have to be moved because of bad hosting, this is just getting me down.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, it really sucks and I am very disappointed in a company that at one time was top notch.

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Sweet William
05.10.00, 12:31 PM
Don't apologize Brett, you do an amazing job with this site man.

05.10.00, 12:52 PM
No worries Brett, We appreciate everything you do!