View Full Version : 6.2.1 Release Up!

02.19.02, 04:10 PM
Ok we now have the new 6.2.1 UBB release up and functioning. The most noticeable difference is the new Polls feature, it works nothing like the old one. Remember polls can only be placed in the "Hit The Polls Runnin'" and the "Albums/Vids/Songs" forum. The new polls have a lot more user features that you can set up when you start a poll, so check it out.
You can even end the poll at a certain time now if you want.

Other than that, nothing much else has changed. Any board problems report in the Troubleshooting forum please.


02.20.02, 12:01 AM
Sounds cool to me (especially the new poll function-I'll have to check that out). Great work as always, Brett! :cool: