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10.05.00, 03:44 PM
Anybody that knows anything about pickups that Eddie use to use from the beginning of his music career please post here.Thank you.

10.05.00, 04:06 PM
Tribb will be able to help youhttp://www.vhforums.com/vhlforum/smilies/biggrin.gif

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10.05.00, 04:43 PM
back in the day, it was a PAF..........

later it was some form of Duncan......

Custom DiMarzios's in the EBMM and custom PV's in the Wolf.....


10.05.00, 05:20 PM
I talk with Seymour Duncan 2 weeks ago and he told me that he designed SH-11 Custom-Custom with Eddie.So this pickup is Eddies specifications pickup.But he couldnt use Eddies name because of his contract with Peavey.

10.05.00, 05:22 PM
Who is Tribb?

10.05.00, 06:33 PM
Tribb is a regular who's extremely knowledgable when it comes to guitars

He's also a pretty damned good guitar playerhttp://www.vhforums.com/vhlforum/smilies/biggrin.gif

10.05.00, 08:21 PM
Homeunit, you're makin me blush..lol If you guys want to hear a damned good guitarist, go over to freedrive and listen to Homeunit's tunes. He's modest, but he plays like a m/f, and he writes his own stuff as opposed to this recycled VH shit the rest of us are doing. Ok, back on topic.
Originally Ed used a PAF that he took out of a 335, and rewound it to his specs. After that he dipped it in wax on his stove, cause the early PAF's weren't wax dipped. Ed wanted to remove some of the sqeal, cause of the gain his amp put out.
Later I heard he went to Duncan 59's, but you never know with him. He was always modding and ripping things apart, and at the time didn't tell much of what he was doing.

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10.05.00, 09:14 PM
Thats how Seymour Duncan did the Custom-Custom pickup with Eddie.
I read somewhere that also he was using a Jackson pickup.Does anybody know anything about that?

10.08.00, 04:00 PM
So many guitar players have visit this topic.Nobody else have any infos about Eddie's pickups?

10.09.00, 11:25 AM
Tribb pretty much summed up Ed's pickups from the pre-Music Man era. The Music Man's had DiMarzios in them which were custom made for those guitars only. Also, the Wolfgangs have custom wound pickups on them as well, and I do believe Peavey winds those.

Getting back to Ed's Franky, he said he wound those by site and didn't count the turns or anything....in other words, he lucked up on that tone. lol Also, I can remember a Kramer rep telling us back in the 80's that Ed still used an old PAF on his guitars, so who knows.

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10.10.00, 12:11 AM
I think that Ed's pickups in the EBMM are way heavier and better than the pickups in the Wolfie

10.15.00, 07:54 PM
I think Eddie with his new sound try to make his pickups have a kind of T-500 and T-496 Gibson pickups sound.But not with a ceramic bar.Just Alnico V.The new Peavey Monitor issue 2 magazine have an article about Wolfgang Special.