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05.03.00, 06:11 PM
There are proabably some of you who own the both the Wolfgang and the Musicman models. So
I was just wondering is there any variation in the two as to playability or tone even. I know this has probably been discused over and over again.But I would appreciate any answers you fine folks could give me.Thanks!

05.03.00, 06:25 PM
Bryan, I find the Wolf has a larger and slightly more comfortable neck. The pickups are smoother sounding, although it's easy to get false harmonics and pick squeals any where on the neck. The EBMM EVH has a hotter sounding pickup, though not necessarily better. Sound can vary from guitar to guitar, but they're both pretty easy to coax Van halen type sounds out of. Although the necks are different, they're both pretty fast and have good action.

05.05.00, 08:41 AM
TRIBB- my pickups in the ebmm seem to be not as hot as my maple top wolfgang.. 99-purple flame top wolfgang 92-purple quilt top EBMM VH


05.05.00, 05:34 PM
Woodman, do you find they all sound hotter than the EBMM EVH? That's strange cause I've got 3 EBMM, and 1 wolf, but the EVH's all sound basically the same. I measured the out put of the pickups, and the EVH's measured at over 15k ohms, while the wolf measured 13.4k ohms at the bridge. I switch back and forth between the wolf and EVH. I think they both sound great, but I still think the EBMM sounds a little sharper and hotter. That's not a knock at the wolf though. I probably play that most.

05.09.00, 08:33 PM
Tribb.....maybe i have a weak set of pickups in my ernie ball bought in 92...But its alright it lives in my closet most of the time....my wolfgangs are great....i have been playing since 75 ...and i am going to buy a tom anderson soon ..with single coil pickups...i justsold a fender 57 reissue ..time for a anderson..........out...

05.10.00, 07:33 PM
Enjoy your Anderson, Woodman. I've never played one, but I've heard nothing but good things about them, so they must be great guitars. I started playing around 73. Never played anything but strats, and a cheesy kramer, till I heard my first EVH model in 92. That was it for me.

Jamie M
02.07.18, 03:25 AM
The EVH MM sounds better to me, the pups are hotter and have a great thick tone. They were originally designed with big input from Ed and Steve Lukather.

06.12.18, 09:15 PM
Which guitar neck is 1 3/4 width at the nut?

06.13.18, 10:11 AM
Which guitar neck is 1 3/4 width at the nut?

Nothing that came from a factory in response to this EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD THREAD.

06.13.18, 12:05 PM
Nothing that came from a factory in response to this EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD THREAD.

Now that's commitment to the search function.

This is the longest gap between the thread ending and being resurrected I've ever seen, although it was actually Jamie M who pulled it from the ashes with the random comment.

06.13.18, 01:01 PM
18 year old thread wow!!! :) cool for sure.

well anyways I'll chime in. I own Peavey Wolfgangs, EVH Wolfgangs USA models and 2 EBMM EVH models and I like em all for sure. They all are a little different. The PVs seem (to me that is) have a fatter neck than the EBMM and EVHs however I like it. The EBMM pups are probably the least hot out of all models. The PVs were hotter and the EVHs are just insane so you can see Eds progression through the years same as his amps.

I have a real solf spot for the EBMM guitars as they just seem to be such a perfect work of art and the necks are to die for and the shape has always been one of my favorites. I love the Wolfs too though. Its really hard to say what is better in my opinion. Its like asking someone whats better.... chocolate or vanilla ice cream or what color is better.... green or red. Its totally what you like and prefer however I would say there are differences between the 3 guitars. Pups, neck shapes, body shapes, arch tops, hardware etc.... list goes on and on but they all rock for sure. I would not want to give any of mine up because they all have a certain personality and feel to them.


06.13.18, 09:16 PM
Which guitar neck is 1 3/4 width at the nut?

Nothing that came from a factory in response to this EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD THREAD.

A long time ago, the production Charvel Bee had a 1 3/4" width.
How do I know...
I tried one out at Guitar Center, around '80 or '81.