View Full Version : Digitech RP2000

05.08.00, 10:38 AM
Anyone tried out or have any experience with the Digitech RP2000 modeling effects processor? I've read favorable reviews and it fits well within my budget, considering all the effects and features it has. I'm gonna try it out soon at a music shop, but was wondering if anybody has used it.

05.08.00, 06:04 PM
I own a Digitech floor effects model similar to the 2000 I think?? It's the RP7. I run it thru my clean channel and modify the presets for distortion stuff. The 2000 has alot more to it than the 7. Check it out and I don't think you'll be disappointed. Digitech makes some good stuff.

Mikey Metalhead
05.09.00, 01:44 PM
I use the 2112 rack mount. A lot of people rip on digitech, but I think it is great bang for the buck. I can't afford top of the line, but I think it sounds better than any peddals I used.

08.29.00, 11:56 AM
Just an update to an old post-
I got one of these suckers off of ebay for 300 bucks and after a couple of days with it, I'm quite impressed - It's very easy to change settings and built solid enogh to use as a live pedalboard. It's also a bit overwhelming having so many choices of sounds and effects, so I'm working on getting some Ed-like presets right now. BTW, the amp modeling is pretty damn close to having the real things.