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sinner's swing
05.14.00, 03:35 PM
I know someone here has probably built there own electric guitar before. Anyone have any tips or know of any web sites that you might be able to pass along. I'm about to attempt it. I already orderered an unfinished blank and a pick-up. I might use the neck off of my existing guitar because I'm out of dough. Any thoughts? thanks

05.14.00, 06:46 PM
Outta' dough, huh! Sounds like we build the same kinds of guitars. I'm in the process of re-building my old 83' Kramer Pacer from paint to pick ups to a new Floyd (which the original guitar did not come with). This is not my first attempt, but it will be a more committed attempt. My first bit of advice is be patient and take your time. I got real impatient and didn't finish the paint job on mine in an Eddie sort of way. At first it looked kinda cool the way it scratched and chipped so easily but after awhile it really started to look like shit. (Which is great if that's what you want!)
You said you'll throw on the neck that you have. I hope that it fits the body blank that you ordered! My last re-build had a neck a little too large for the neck slot so I jammed it in there! Guess what? It cracked the joint a bit making it a tad unstable. For that kind of work or routing work for a Floyd I always let a pro handle that. I do my own paint, wiring, and light hardware. The pro's have the equipment and can do it fairly inexpensively depending on who you have doing it. My guy's here in St.Louis do great work.
I've been doing many searches for parts on the net for a couple of months now and the name that keeps popping up is Ed Roman. I've talked to these guys on the phone and they have THE BEST prices on parts and kit guitars that I've ever heard of. They are also very professional. I've heard a lot of people bash Ed Roman but not sure why. (Probably because he's not a big fan of the EVH Wolgang's!) I can't say that I am at this point either. Anyway, he has a great stock of merchandise and does noy sell crap!
Good luck on your endeavor! Would love to see it when it's complete.

sinner's swing
05.14.00, 07:10 PM
Thanks Bam, I'll check it out. The blank I ordered isn't cut yet. I'm looking forward to this part the most. The shape! I have a friend who is very good with finishing and painting so I'm ok there. I'm gonna try and go slow but I'm afraid to get so impatient that I wanna play it right away. Oh well. I'll try to post a picture when it's finished.

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05.14.00, 10:47 PM
I've never done business with Ed Roman. Several people on the internet that have done business with him say he can be arrogant and his luthiers aren't that good. He is also expensive. One guy bashed Roman but did say his guitar kits are excellent. Regarding Ed's oppinion on the Wolfgang. I think the Wolfgang is overpriced for what it is but it's not a bad guitar. I do think the Original Floyd Rose is a better bridge than the Peavey licensed unit. The basswood comment of Roman's is pretty stupid. Peavey uses good wood. I personaly like the Wolfgang.