View Full Version : Steve Vai vs. Jason Becker

09.05.00, 07:55 PM
This two guys are awesome with his guitars but...who is the best???

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Rippin Loud
09.06.00, 04:02 AM
I would have to pick Steve Vai on this one!!

09.06.00, 08:20 AM
Both are amazing players in a technical sense but I can't listen to a Steve Vai Record for more than a few minutes Without saying OK, You can turn it off now. As for as Becker. I am not very familiar with his work.

Mikey Metalhead
09.06.00, 02:04 PM
vai.... passion and warfare is easily my favorite guitar instrumental cd, and I have a lot of them.

it's too bad that the only other work he did like this is alien love secrets and that was just a long EP.

I do not care for his stuff with vocals.

I do not care for much of anything becker did.

09.07.00, 08:53 AM
No competition. Steve Vai. ( Although ALL his solo material since Passion and Warfare is worse then anything I have ever heard on guitar.)

09.07.00, 12:12 PM
Steve Vai is much better. Hell he has had to fill the shoes of EVH and Malmsteen

Jape Man
09.07.00, 01:08 PM
In my opinion, Steve's playing on Eat Em & Smile is second to none, when it comes to pure simple rock and roll guitar playing. That's him, plugged right into a Marshall or Carvin head and ripping plain & simple. Becker is great, but anything he did with Roth was basically a facsimile of what Vai was doing.