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04.27.00, 08:56 PM
You mentioned the Ed Roman Kramer kits in a previous post. I'm wanting to do a 5150 copy. Do the kits come with the broader headstock like we see on the VH links logo or are they like the less wide Baretta headstock? Would it be advisable to go for the bare bones kit? (If that's what you ordered that is). Thanks man!

04.28.00, 03:07 PM
Ed Roman's kits are a lot of your choice. You can choose either style headstocks and/or fretboards. I think you can still choose hardware colors and pickups too. I do recommend his barebone kits. They come with just about everything accept paint and assembly. The parts are all his reproduced parts so they are manufactured here in the good ol' USA. The price may seem a bit steep but. I've done it. and it's worth it.


04.29.00, 09:51 AM
Top Jimmy cooks. Is anyone a big fan of Extreme Pornograffitti?


Michael William Andersen
08.30.18, 12:42 PM

Dave's Dreidel
08.30.18, 12:59 PM
18 year old thread brought back to life...that might be a new record.

Ted Van Halen
08.30.18, 02:45 PM
Yeah. They canít really get much older than 18 can they?

08.30.18, 04:58 PM
Almost 19 would be the oldest yeah.

08.30.18, 10:10 PM
Yeah. They canít really get much older than 18 can they?

Actually, they can't get any younger than 18, otherwise you get into a lot of trouble!

Jedi McFly
08.31.18, 06:34 AM
Whoa, I thought we lost a bunch of threads when the site got hacked. Wasn't that around 2004?