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Down In Flames
08.17.00, 12:44 AM

Thanks, "Drunken Webamaster." LOL.

Down In Flames
08.17.00, 11:10 AM
Brett, my "cry" and "eek" smileys don't seem to work.

Is this because of the server problems from a couple of days ago?

This isn't a big priority, mind you, just wanted to give you a "heads up".

08.17.00, 11:36 AM
Chttp://! I noticed that they weren't working either the other day too.

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08.17.00, 11:59 AM
All fixed.

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08.17.00, 04:50 PM
Let this be a warning to all you kids out there - this is what happens when you drink and post.

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My apologies to DIF.

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