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05.04.00, 02:33 PM
when did you announce you needed new moderators??????

I remember I asked a looooong time ago, but got no reply from ya

then you got a new moderator who moves threads and then closes them in the section he moved it to!!(see homeunit's crafty work on VH cover bands)

I'm glad ya got some of MY GANG cohosting forums but why not come to one of the ORIGINAL first????????!

Eat Us and Smile ;>~

feelin' it down to my knucklebonez

05.04.00, 03:10 PM
Hain, look at the Forum Announcements forum, that's where I made the thread asking for moderators several days ago.

I can't remember everyone who's asked to be a moderator in the past, I ain't that smart, so that's why I posted the thread so that everyone would see that I and ask me again. If you had asked me again or reminded me or something, that would have helped. Plus I haven't seen you around as much as you used to be, so I didn't know whether you even cared anymore.

Homeunit merely made a small mistake moving something incorrectly, I don't think it needs anymore discusssion than that

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05.04.00, 03:23 PM
I've always been here!

just not posting like Vinnie and Pojo do!http://www.vhlinks.com/vhlforum/smilies/wink.gif

I made my points already

I'm still here

Always will be here

I'm everywhere

I am the Walrus coo coo ka choo!

Eat Us and Smile ;>~

feelin' it down to my knucklebonez