View Full Version : Brett....I got a question

02.07.00, 07:44 AM
How did I get moved up from two stars to three? what does it mean? I also was romeo delight but now it says top of the world......just curious. You can close this once you answered it...don't want to clutter this forum up.

02.07.00, 07:49 AM
Certain amount of posts moves you up in stars& Different names Kinda cool Eh?

02.07.00, 10:55 AM
Yeah man...now we can all have goals....

Mikey Metalhead
02.07.00, 10:58 AM
I'm still a one star pud wacker

02.07.00, 06:41 PM
Don't worry,you're not half the pudwhacker humber is.

02.07.00, 09:30 PM
I'll move it to VH links feedback, someone else might wanna discuss this feature, or Brett might wanna say something re it so we'll leave it open for now.

02.08.00, 05:35 PM
red,blk&wht is correct. The stars and name under your username is all based on your amount of posts on the board. When you reach a certain number of posts, the stars and the username change. I don't tell you all the names however, that wouldn't be any fun now would it? http://www.vhlinks.com/vhlforum/wink.gif

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