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wam bam oh amsterdamn
08.01.00, 01:04 AM
Would you agree with me that a causual fans best cd that he or she could buy to represent Van Halen would be "Live Right Here Right Now"? (of course I am not counting the best of cd because thats a no brainer I am talking about a regular cd not a best of compilation)
Live has the Eddie solo that will knock you off of youre feet and it has some of the best and most famous roth songs plus all the sammy tunes and it shows you some of the bands personality in between the songs. If you take all that into account I dont see how you could come up with a different cd.
Some would say the first album or 1984 but you get some great songs off of those albums on LRHRN and plus you get all the other things I mentioned.

08.01.00, 01:19 AM
Nah I dont really agree at all - far too many of the crappier songs off FUCK, and a pretty poor representation of the roth era - Jump, Panama and ATBL.. Plus live albums are a turn off for all but the more hardened fans. Non-fans wouldnt care for Mikes Bass sol particularly, or appreciate Ed or Al's solo parts... Plus given there was no 'new songs' on RHRN I would lump that as a Best-of (of sorts)

For the purposes of the question probably tell them to get BOTH vh1 and 5150 and go from there... In the real world, hook 'em up with BOV1

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Spanish Doctor
08.01.00, 05:36 AM
VH1, VH2, WACF, Fair Warning, 1984. All of these are a MUST, casual fan or not. End of story.

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08.01.00, 06:46 AM
I might give them RHRN if it wasn't so overproduced, but really I think I'd give them 1984 and 5150 so they'd get a little of both.

08.01.00, 09:08 AM
Shit, if you're gonna give 'em a mix, might as well do BOV1, but I agree a full length album is the only way to truly experience Van Halen.


08.01.00, 02:59 PM
I don't think casual fans are going to really enjoy a live album and I don't think they probably want to hear Sammy sing on Dave's songs. Although I think he did a good job on them, they aren't the best versions of these songs. BOV1 is best for a casual fan, that way it can spark their interest in the whole 78-96 era and they can start buying the full length albums that have the songs they like on them. RHRN doesn't have VH essentials like "Unchained", "Runnin With The Devil", or "...And The Cradle Will Rock" on it.

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