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07.29.00, 10:47 AM
Okay just for the information of all those posters at VH links who hate this guy, after doing several IP # searches today and last night at dlrarmy, it has been discovered that Watthi, Ed6150, Tite Bunz and Globby are the same person. We have had some ideas of a few other posters, but the IP #s are ever changing. However, if watthi's IP changes, and then on a different thread Tite Bunz and globby have the same IP# as Watthi, well something is fishy. So anyway, I just knew how well Watthi was loved here, and now that we've found out these other personalities of his, we can watch our own backs. His MO is he suckers people into agreeing with one of the characters and uses the others to be a cock sucker. Watch out, and if you have any suspicions, drop by the ole EUAS heard you missed us thread and let me know. Peace all out!

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07.29.00, 10:53 AM
Brought to you in part by the wonderful detectives in EUAS. Remember, you have to Eat Us but the Smile is optional. Thank you.

Right Now..... you need to Eat Us And Smile!!!

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07.29.00, 10:54 AM
It's true folks, absolutely true. "cough *schizo* cough"

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07.29.00, 12:40 PM
hhhmmmmm....another devious ploy gone down the drain thanks to the EUAS boys.....

who's next???hehehe......

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07.29.00, 02:04 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by houseofpain:
Ed6150, we've found out these other personalities of his

Didn't he just post in another thread how the Whatti was emailing him?

Aquatic Punk
07.29.00, 02:06 PM
guess I figured Whatti was TITEBUNZ, but Ed6150 is a surprise. Kinda surprising. Ah well, I try to avoid those types.

07.29.00, 03:49 PM
Wow Ed, nice talkin' to ya.

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07.29.00, 04:33 PM
Just out of curiosity, how did you manage to tell he was the same person? AOL is a big system, but divided into lots of subsets. It's no secret about Whatti and Titebunz, but Ed6150 is suprising.

07.29.00, 04:51 PM
Whoaaaaaa dont string anyone up just yet dudes.

Guys, it just means Ed6150 and Titebunz are using the same ISP, all you can do with those ip numbers is use them to narrow the list down, to exclude some suspects. Ed can log in, post, log off, then if Whatti logs in later he could quite well log into the same modem at his ISP, and therefore have the same IP number Ed did earlier.

Thats why we Bretts very reluctant to do an IP ban an ANYONE - you cant be sure who else you are banning

Just be careful with your powers guys, you could start an unwarrented witchhunt here...

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