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09.20.00, 05:11 PM
These always made me think.

Pearl Jam- Sleight Of Hand

Routine was the theme...He'd wake up..
Wash and pour himself into uniform..
Something he hadn't imagined being

As the merging traffic passed...He found himself staring down at his own hands

Not remembering the change...Not recalling the plan

Was it?

He was okay..But wondering...About wandering
Was it age...By consequence..Or was he moved by sleight of hand?

Mondays were made to fall...Lost on a road he knew by heart
Its like a book he read in his sleep...Endlessly...

Sometimes he hid in he radio..Watching others pull into their homes
While he was drifting.....

On a line...Of his own...off the line....On the side
Bye the by....As dirt turned to sand
As if moved by sleight of hand

When he reached the shore of his...Clip on world
He resurfaced to the norm

Organized his few things...Coat and keys
Any new realizations would have to wait

Till he had more time...Oh more time....

Time to dream..To himself...Waves goodbye to his own self..I'll see you on the other side

Another man....Moved by sleight of hand

" When my time on Earth is gone and my activities here are past, I want they bury me upside down and my critics can kiss my ass" Bobby Knight

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09.21.00, 12:34 PM
yeah Rafter good lyrics

I reach across to the other side to make contact with you.You fill my dreams.I wanna tell you,tell me why you´re crossing over...

09.21.00, 12:36 PM
Slip and Slide
Push It In
Bitch Got the Rhythm

Black & Blue http://www.vhforums.com/vhlforum/smilies/biggrin.gifhttp://www.vhforums.com/vhlforum/smilies/biggrin.gifhttp://www.vhforums.com/vhlforum/smilies/biggrin.gif
Very Inspiring if ya know what I mean .

Rat Salad
09.21.00, 09:02 PM
Look at me in my fancy car, and my bank account

Oh how I wish I could take it all down to my grave..how I'd save and save

Man take a look again, the things you have collected

Well in the end it all piles up so tall to one big nothing, one big nothing at all

Dave Matthews Band "Seek Up"


Here's to your thin red line....MMMMMM I'm stepping over!

09.22.00, 03:30 PM
Pearl Jam has a line in the song "Corduroy" that is along the same lines as that dave matthews song. it goes like this: "I'll end up alone like I began"

" When my time on Earth is gone and my activities here are past, I want they bury me upside down and my critics can kiss my ass" Bobby Knight

09.26.00, 01:18 PM
Ronnie James Dio probably has the best deap thought type of lyrics:

From "Magica"

"Welcome to sun-down
Welcome to the dark
Could be that evil has heros" -Turn to Stone

"Beware of quiet voices
Thunder comes from silence"-Ariel

"No one gets to heaven
Till they've lived a while in hell
And even then it's rare
That you'll be going there" -Otherworld

From "Sacred Heart"

"The old ones speak of winter
The young ones praise the sun
And time just slips away..." -Sacred Heart

"Whenever you dream
You're holding the key
It opens the door
To let you be free" - Sacred Heart

"They were paper and fire
Angel and liar
The Devil of one another" - Rock n Rol Children

From Last in Line

"Well know for the first time
If we're evil or divine
We're the last in line" - The Last in Line

And From Holy Diver

"Look inside of yourself
You might see someone you don't know
Maybe it's just what you need
Leting the river in you flow" - Caught in the Middle

"Don't hide in doorways
You may find the key
That opens up your soul" - Don't talk to

"She was a photograph
Just ripped in half
A smile inside a frown" - Invisible

"When there's lightning
You know it always brings me down
Cause it's free and I see that it's me
Who's lost and never found." - Rainbow in the Dark

"Honey, arn't you gonna catch a cold dressed like that?" - Dave
"We're not in the music business, we're in the business of making music." - Edward
"Yeah, I saw a yard gnome once...it didn't scare me." - Space Ghost