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I saw this post from you in a previous thread that has long sinced past......

posted May 07, 2000 12:10 PM

I've always wanted to learn about "religon" and how the different religions developed over time. Does anybody suggest any books that can shed some light on religon and its history. Something that seperates the fact from fiction.

My son was baptized recently and I was asked to be baptized too, but I refused becuase nobody could really tell me what it meant and how it would be beneficial to me. I only do things that I beleive and understand and nobody could shed any light on the baptisim thing.

It's that sort of thing that I need explanation on.

Any suggestions?

Well, I just wanted to know if you were still interested??

08.03.00, 03:07 PM
Believing in God is your choice bro. That is what religon is all about. Because, no matter how many times you go to church or prey, you're never gonna meet the fucker. Maybe when you die? I don't fucking know. Nobody fucking knows. It's all about believing. You have to decide for yourself buddy.Take care and God bless you.Peace out.

08.03.00, 07:12 PM
Well, you got point but all I was going to do was explain the idea of babtism to him. Cause he said no one really could tell him, and he wanted to know if anyone could shed any light on the subject. I mean, Jesus Christ was babtized.

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08.04.00, 02:26 AM
By John The Baptist.

Aww yeah... "Down In Flames" KNOWS his old time religion.

Didn't mean to interrupt your thread to jimmy, red.

Just wanted to keep it near the top by throwing my two cents in.

If you can believe it, I was an altar boy from age 10 to 13. Really. All of you stop laughing. Seriously.

But that was many moons ago.

Lost the faith.

Don't go to church anymore.

Still ended up going to a Jesuit high school. And wouldn't you know it? Got honors in Religious Studies.

I could be a preacha' man, if I so chose. LOL.

OK, I'm out.

I hope that jimmy finds what he's looking for. It's cool of you to be willing to help him out, red.

08.04.00, 12:21 PM
The idea of Babtism is that your washing away your sins and you are making a real commitment to living for Christ and though you might fail, he still loves you. Of course, God will love you even if your not babtized but some churches say you have to be babtized to be saved, which, IMO, isn't true. You don't have to be babtized to be saved but it's a show of obedience toward God. It really depends on the church to, sprinkling water, traditional imersion (being dipped) into water, ect... If a chuch couldn't properly explain it to you, and why it would be benificial to you, then there's a problem. Honestly, that seems a bit weird IMO.

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Just keeping this at the top so jimmy can read it.

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Not that I am very religious at all, but just to point out that this is the only issue my fiancee and I will probably have problems with when it comes to children, with her being Catholic and me being a Jew. I find it quite interesting actually to see some of the vast differences between the two faiths, but this is the really the only stumbling block we have ever come upon, and like I said, religion to us is just about traditions, and nothing more. Don't know what we're going to do when that day comes, maybe we'll become Muslim.

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Don't you have to change your name in the Muslim religion?

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Keep laughing, Wes. Someone just pissed in yo' beer.

Bringing this to the top, so jimmy can read it.

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08.17.00, 01:30 PM
Despite the fact that I was emailed about this thread, I've neglected to see it for the last couple of days, my apologies for not replying sooner.

What I'm looking for is a book or documentary that deals with the historical nature of the bible and Christianity. Things that historians have researched and found to be true or not true.

I'm a non-beleiver now, but I'm always open to suggestions. I am not looking for the "hokus-pokus" side of religon right now, but rather the history of where Jesus lived, was there really a Jesus and was a man able to part a sea, or was the Sea just really low.

I'm skeptical about a lot of things in life, but this is one subject that I think I should investigate rather than just blow off.

08.19.00, 12:46 PM
Well, Jesus never parted the sea, that was Moses but (being politically correct) it's said he walked on water.

If you want books on that kind of stuff, that's not the best way to go. I say that because their are two sources. Primary and secondary. For example, in the speeches made by Gore and Bush, when you listen to the speech and make an opinion about it, that's a primary source. While if you only listen to the commentary on the speech either after the speech or the next morning in the paper, your reading someones opinion on the speech and then you make an opinion on that, that's a secondary source.

What I'm saying is if you want the facts go to the Bible. Fact, Jesus did live. Fact, he was crucified from a cross. Fact, they base B.C. and A.D. to determine the time before his birth and after his death.

If you want real proof of Jesus being more than just a real man, look at this. When crucified from a cross, people die from their breaking neck, while Jesus hung on that cross for quite a while. And it's a fact that he was crucified, they even teach that in our "politically correct" history books in school.

So, really the best thing for you to do would for you to read the Bible and form your own opinion on it. Hope that helps. And if you have any other questions, please let me know.

08.19.00, 06:22 PM
Strictly speaking, the Bible is not a historical source. From an academic standpoint, you can't use the Bible to verify single source facts from itself. It's the historical equivalent of the Norse myths, or anything else you choose to call myth. Other people consider those myths religion. One can't prove the other wrong, but it can be more popular.

If you want to research the Bible and its origins Jimmy, just head off to the local library. You'll find quite a few books on the topic, written from many different viewpoints. The spectrum is pretty wide. Some books are written to make the Bible look like fact, and others are written to describe monks changing things that they didn't like. Somewhere in there there's got to be a middle ground.

08.19.00, 09:37 PM
For some insight into one theory as to how religion (and even politics) got their starts, I HIGHLY recommend Nietzsche's "The Genealogy of Morals". [the Walter Kaufmann translation is probably the best] It gives an interesting story of the developments of the "P guy" (priest) and the "K guy" (king). If you believe his arguments, and they aren't difficult--you just have to read carefully and think through it all--you'll have a good perspective as to the functions these positions have performed over the centuries. The cool thing about Nietzsche is the fact that EVERY word is chosen carefully, and he is very specific about whatever he says. And don't worry about his 'God is Dead' reputation...it's just easy P.R. for publishers and his opponents. If the subject of morality is of interest, also try "Beyond Good and Evil" for a look past our everyday understanding of it.

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Well, now that jimmy's seen this topic, I'm going to move it to "Non-Music."

Give some of the peeps over there that need it some of that good "old time" religion.



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