View Full Version : Anyone from Boston area see AC/DC at the Fleetcenter!

Panama Dog
08.09.00, 07:05 AM
What did you think. I was blown away!

08.09.00, 08:14 AM
I'd be keen to know as well, as I am seeing them at Wembley in December.

08.09.00, 06:22 PM
Went to the Fleet and Yes they were great as always! This was my 7th time seeing them and they haven't lost a thing.Every time I see this band they ALWAYS deliver.Sounded unbelievably loud but good mix-- you could hear every thing. Seems like they took just alittle longer between songs that they usually do and acouple of the tunes were a little bit rusty , but if I'm not mistaken this was only the sixth or seventh show on the tour and this was probably the point where they were getting a feel on what was working and what wasn't (dump this song and we'll add that one ect.) taking this into account they still are one of THE best bands to see live. I have always ranked them and VH a tie as far as concerts go. ALways got more than my moneys worth!!!!

Panama Dog
08.10.00, 02:56 PM
I totally agree stickman!