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07.30.00, 05:48 PM
Pearl Jam destroyed this song.....oh my God....nails on a chalkboard.....
he(Vedder) says "you didn't think I had it in me".......honey, I know he didn't...

07.30.00, 06:16 PM
Hate to admit it, but I like the clean tone sounds when PJ plays Running.........

It has kind of a sexy, dreamy quality. Other than that, PJ's version is just mocking the band that we all love.

07.30.00, 06:16 PM
I haven't heard it. Is it available on any of Pearl Jams' singles, or what was the circumstance that led them to cover it? Certainly RWTD and Pearl Jam doesn't seem like a match made in heaven.

I'm going to throw this over to the Songs/Albums Forum, see who has heard it over there.

uncle ted
07.31.00, 11:18 AM

am i missing something??? Pearl Jam doing RWTD???

maybe i'm crazy,
or just too high...

07.31.00, 12:20 PM
I'm going to speculate that this was before they "hit big"

I like a few Pearl Jam songs....but.....
unlike Van Halen covers.....they (Pearl Jam) didn't do this cover tune justice...just my two cents....

Glenn, I got this off Napster....
I think the sound quality had a lot to do with it, but.....I thought it would be betterhttp://

07.31.00, 12:22 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by jimmy:
but I like the clean tone sounds when PJ plays Running.........


Clean toneshttp://

I'm going to listen again....
maybe I got a different version than youhttp://

07.31.00, 06:37 PM
That is definitely NOT Eddie Vedder singing that song! I've heard somewhere that it was actually Pearl Jam guitarist Mike Mc Cready, but having never heard him sing anything else, I can't confirm that. I CAN confirm that it is not Eddie Vedder! I have MP3's in which he covers everyone from the Who to Neil Diamond and he never fails to sound exactly like......Eddie Vedder.

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07.31.00, 07:21 PM
i do beleive that it is a mad season cover. mad season consists of the lead singer from alice in chains and the guitarists from PJ plus a few others. i read somewhere that it was an outtake when they were recording the album mad season and the guitarist sang it cause the singer was pulling off a cone. have never heard it though....you just got to love rock 'n' roll. i'll see if i can track down the article.

07.31.00, 07:31 PM
I've heard it and it is TERRIBLE!!!!! Have a nice day.

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