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  1. Las Vegas woman shot dead in a road rage incident
  2. Feds want to tax dessert and keep track of your diet
  3. Hey Casemeister! It's ya birfday!
  4. Disney World's Magic Kingdom first theme park to break $100
  5. Garner’s daughter on Sharpton: ‘He’s all about the money’
  6. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Bootleg Film
  7. Chris Brown denied entry into Canada hours before show
  8. Rats Exonerated in Spread of Black Death - Gerbils Implicated.
  9. Randy Quaid still riding the crazy train
  11. Pat Robertson advises against yoga...it tricks people into praying to a Hindu God
  12. The cure for one of the most anti biotic resistant super bugs? Feces donation!
  13. Marachino cherry manufacturer was a front for a huge pot growing enterprise
  14. Chicago Police Run CIA Style Black Sites
  15. Facebook in an outrage over elememtary student's punishment for being tardy
  16. Spock is dead
  18. Move over Sam vs Dave, it's a white/gold vs blue/black world
  19. agog
  20. The other THREAD THREAD
  21. Just hours ago... Homeless man just killed by police minutes ago downtown L.A.
  22. Painter says he included Monica Lewinsky's dress in Bill Clinton portrait
  23. Happy Birthday Scotty
  24. Your thoughts on illegally downloading content.
  25. Judge to Soldier: “Your time in Iraq makes you a threat to society…”
  26. Happy Birthday tommywho5150
  27. Hey! Jimmy812...it's your birthday!
  28. Garbage Man Sentenced To 30 DAYS IN JAIL For Picking Up Trash Too Early
  29. San Andreas 5/29/15
  30. VA Manager mocks veteran suicides in email
  31. Hey YankeeRose...it's your birthday!
  32. American flag, others banned in UC Irvine student area
  33. 7 Marines, 4 soldiers missing in helicopter crash over water
  34. House for sale in Indonesia -- with free wife
  35. A plan to dedicate two public high schools in suburban Washington to immigrants
  36. 'Blurred Lines' verdict likely to alter music business
  37. Izod Center (formerly Continental Airlines Arena, Brendan Byrne Arena) Shuts Down
  38. Help with my wedding music
  39. 15 Things You Didn't Know About Al Van Bundy
  40. Ohio serial pooper caught on video
  41. A Great WWII Story... When A Warrior Decided To Not Pull The Trigger
  42. (1959) Journey To The Center Of The Earth - 4K Restoration with 5.1 DTS-HD MA
  43. Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?
  44. POTATO FAMINE!! How about that? It scares them, doesn't it? Well it should.
  45. Flying cars may be available in 2 years
  46. 2,000 snow geese drop dead from the sky
  47. IRS is planning on policing PACs and other political non-profits
  48. The First Amendment Should Never Protect Hatred
  49. Roadies: Unlikely Survivors in the Music Business
  50. Police Departments Hiring Immigrants As Officers
  51. Happy birthday Mike.
  52. Germanwings Passenger Plane Crashes in France: Officials
  53. Hey Onefootoutthedoor it's your birthday!
  54. BBC sacks Jeremy Clarkson
  55. FBI Admits All Registered Motorcycle Owners Are On Classified Gang List
  56. Building collapse, fire, possible explosion in East Village NY
  58. Stereo speakers
  59. "We're addicted to the rush of being offended"
  61. Why girls do better in school
  62. How the U.S. thinks Russians hacked the White House
  63. Hey Vegas Vic It's Ya Birthday!
  64. Fat, or Mad??? Your choice...
  65. Captain Juan Van Halen
  66. Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix
  67. Rush Limbaugh is Jim Morrison?
  68. Need to get a video Camera Which one?
  69. So, who has an old muscle car or classic car?
  70. Murderer Jodi Arias sentenced to Life in Prison without Parole
  71. Mother of 13 Pregnant With Quadruplets at Age 65
  72. Nice Story
  73. Bombshell Report: New Islamic State ‘Camp’ Discovered —In Mexico
  74. hawk17 LindaLou47 Axxman300 thescott5150 nofrillsgd Jonee drsabino theonlykristen
  75. Welfare Crackdown: Kansas Bans Cruises for the Poor
  76. Happy Birthday edwardv!
  77. Happy Birthday DoubleDown!
  78. Happy Birthday ZeoBandit!
  79. Massive I-80 pileup in Wyoming April 16th injures 27 -- 60 vehicles involved
  80. Woman eats three 72-ounce steaks in 20 minutes
  81. One World Trade Center Elevator Ride Timelapse
  82. Remaking "Point Break"
  83. Another small win for the Fourth Amendment, thanks to the US Supreme Court.
  84. Happy Birthday mrchristopher
  85. The Birthday Thread
  86. celebrity embryo bullshit
  87. Are you in control of your car? What does the future hold for driving?
  88. Happy Birthday CaboChris!
  89. Over 75? Sign here if you're ready for death
  90. Happy Birthday Al Van Bundy
  91. Welcome to Liberland
  92. Woman to become NY firefighter despite failing crucial fitness test
  93. Lindsey Vonn's Back on the Market!
  94. Cinco De Drinko!!
  95. Fugitive nabbed after 56 years on the run
  96. Canadian judge frees former teen terrorist who killed US Army medic
  97. Very proud of my hometown
  98. Captain America III: Civil War
  99. The Great Outdoors Thread
  100. BBQ Joint to Offer Discounts for ‘White Appreciation Day’ - the Owners Aren’t White
  101. Happy Mother's Day!
  103. Jade helm? What is it?
  104. Black professor: "I commit myself to not spending a dime in white-owned business
  105. TV Reporter Confronts Idiot guys hurling vulgarities at her
  107. Supergirl on CBS
  108. NJ teacher who had students write 'get well' notes to cop killer fired
  109. Tased Motorist to CBP Agent: 'What the Fuck Is Wrong With You?'
  110. Amtrak Train May Have Been Struck Before It Derailed, Officials Say
  111. Last Days Of Letterman
  112. Nine Dead in Waco Shootout
  113. Duke Professor Under Fire for Comments about "Strange" Black names
  114. Is The Conflict Between Science and Religion Real?
  115. Alfred Hitchcock-advised documentary about Holocaust is saved
  116. New Car Day!
  117. Happy Birthday fuddman5150
  118. The New 2015 Username Thread!
  119. Memorial Day
  120. The Artificial Moon Theory
  121. Where does reality TV find these people?
  122. Multiple Sclerosis Patients Stressed Out By Soaring Drug Costs
  123. Happy Birthday Buschman!
  124. French minister: 2015 climate deal must avoid US Congress
  125. Manspreading arrests: the long arm of the law just invaded our personal space
  126. ZoNation
  127. Minneapolis private school takes students to adult novelty store for sex ed lesson
  128. A Sequel To Dazed & Confused Coming...Are You Looking Forward To It?
  129. Trailer for Steven Spielberg "Bridge of Spies" starring Tom Hanks
  130. I Have Finished Growing My Moustache
  131. Uhuru Has Stroke
  132. Whale Testicle Beer! Mmmmm . . .
  133. Christopher Lee, Legendary Movie Villain and Horror Icon, Dies at 93
  134. RIP Dusty Rhodes
  135. 'Black' NAACP leader outed as white woman
  136. CNN Host Takes a Stand Against Intolerance of Politically Correct Left
  137. Good News Iowans...Supreme Court has ruled it's legal to be drunk on your porch!
  138. New restaurant 'Tallywackers' has beefcakes serving burgers
  139. Food and Drug Administration Cracks Down on Trans Fats
  140. Charleston church shooting: 9 'killed because they were black,' official says
  141. Facebook Granny teaches grandsons how to smoke...
  142. Happy Father's Day!
  143. Kick ass apps
  144. Happy Birthday Garywascooltoo !!
  145. Easily closing and opening Air-Conditioning / Heating Vents
  147. Terrorist Attacks 2015
  148. Trying my hand at Internet Radio!
  149. At least three black churches have been burned down in the last week.
  150. Laura Kipnis On How Campus Feminism Infantilizes Women
  151. I Am Chris Farley
  152. RIP Nicholas Winton
  153. 7th Shark Attack Reported in North Carolina
  154. Happy Canada Day, eh?
  155. Robot Kills Worker
  156. Fannie, Freddie CEOs to Get $3.4 Million Raises
  157. Creed - new twist on movie story lines?
  158. Video:Cops shoot man who pulled replica gun
  159. Is this the world's hottest MATHS teacher?
  160. Do Americans know why we celebrate the 4th of July ??
  161. Happy 4th of July
  162. 10th Anniversary of the 7/7 Terrorist Attacks on London
  163. Federal, Indiana authorities raid home of Subway spokesman
  164. Happy birthday daisy.
  165. The Cost of Cancer Drugs (CBS 60 Minutes)
  166. Memphis City Council unanimously votes to dig up Confederate general, wife
  167. Watch the uncomfortable trailer for MTV’s documentary, White People
  168. Democrats propose bill to lift decades-old abortion restrictions
  169. If the murderer had been a white man, then libs would label it a "Hate" crime ....
  170. Police Officer by day, porn star by night
  171. Guzman's "Great Escape" through mile long tunnel
  173. The Confederate Battle Flag
  174. Making a Mockery of the National World War II Monument?
  175. Planned Parenthood Official Taped Discussing Sale of Aborted Baby Body Parts
  176. Disneyland Chernobyl
  177. Ohio man charged after videotaping a fatal accident instead of assisting
  179. Female ‘Under Evaluation’ After Trying to Disrobe on I-95 in Philadelphia: Police
  180. Chattanooga shooting: 4 Marines killed
  181. Man Faces 6 Months in Jail For Disagreeing With Feminists on Twitter
  182. Ant-Man
  183. Do You Live in a "Bitch" or a "F#$k" State? American Curses, Mapped
  184. Cars set ablaze as wildfire jumps California freeway
  185. 15,000 posts since 2000.
  186. Mistress kidnaps, kills ex-NFL player’s wife, commits suicide
  187. Extramarital affair website Ashley Madison has been hacked and attackers are.....
  188. Father Says 'Flying Gun' Drone Video Broke No Laws
  189. A Warning for Those Taking, or Loved Ones of Those Taking Blood Thinners
  190. Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway
  191. here we go again... Police officer shoots man to death in Cincinnati traffic stop
  192. Happy Birthday stilleddiesangel
  193. Louisiana Movie Theater Shooting
  194. If any of you stole Porkchop's stroller, please return it.
  195. Happy 75th Birthday Bugs Bunny
  196. Missing Teens' Boat Found Capsized Off Florida Coast
  197. There he is folks - the most emasculated person who has ever lived.
  198. Filming police brutality? Of course there's an app for that
  199. Lake County shooting suspect arraigned, bond set at $10M
  200. Who Is The More Despicable Human Being: Bill Cosby or O.J. Simpson?
  201. An emotional tribute, Kiwi Style
  202. No cost-of-living adjustment for Social Security in 2016
  203. Blank on Blank: Famous Names, Lost Interviews
  204. UNH Bias-Free Language Guide claims the word 'American' is 'problematic'
  205. Chicago Man Wrongfully Jailed for 17 Years Shot Dead
  206. Connecticut ‘Mileage Tax’ already being tested
  207. Broken-down motorist who 'shot dead a couple and wounded their daughter' because.....
  208. "I Came Here To Chew Bubble Gum and Kick Ass, and I'm All Out Of Bubble Gum" RRP RIP
  209. CEO Raises Salaries to $70K for EVERY Employee.......
  210. Walt Disney World Brawl
  211. City To Appoint 2 Illegal Immigrants As Commissioners
  212. Kermit The Frog and Miss Piggy call it quits!
  213. FBI: Middle Eastern Men Intimidating U.S. Military Families In Colorado & Wyoming
  214. In Zimbabwe, We Don’t Cry for Lions
  215. Five lunatics and a baby
  216. Second Chowchilla kidnapper paroled
  217. Black Pastors Call For Removal Of Planned Parenthood Founder Bust From Smithsonian
  219. Heroic Newsman Refuses to talk about Kardashians!
  220. It’s Time to Haul Down Another Flag of Racist Hate
  221. Matisyahu Ejected from Music Festival Because He Won’t Endorse a Palestinian State
  222. New Orleans suggestions
  223. Your favorite movie villain???
  224. R.I.P. Baltimore Batman
  225. White House Hires Its First Openly Transgender Staffer
  226. Blacklivesmater activist might be white
  227. Good Luck Trying To Sneak Food Into Movie Theaters Ever Again
  229. Johnny Carson on Antenna TV in 2016 !
  230. Dow 5,000 - Yes, it could happen
  231. Black Mother Gives Black Lives Matter Protesters Serious Tongue Lashing
  232. The Hateful Eight--new film from Quentin Tarantino
  233. The Karate Kid: Daniel is the REAL Bully
  235. some great news for JMJ
  236. Virginia TV reporter, photographer killed in shooting during live interview
  237. It's Seenbad's birthday!
  238. Worst Job Experiences
  239. University of Tennessee is asking students to use “ze, hir, hirs, and xe, xem, xyr.”
  240. Wonder Woman Lunchbox Banned By School Because It Depicts ‘Violent Characters’
  242. Texas Deputy Executed Days After Black Radical Group Calls for Killing Cops
  243. Wes Craven dies from brain cancer
  244. Chrissie Hynde criticised over rape remarks
  245. Professors threaten bad grades for saying ‘illegal alien,’ ‘male,’ ‘female’
  246. I JUST got pulled over by Indiana State Trooper!!
  247. Teens charged with sexual exploitation for sexting each other
  248. the MOON thread
  249. Happy birthday hack
  250. MF5150 Hey Punk, It's your Birthday