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  1. Happy Birthday Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love!
  2. "You KNOW it's a Myth. This Season, Celebrate REASON!"
  3. Buy American....and here's how to find it
  4. 7 Towns Where Land is Free
  5. 4.5 billion dollar reparation bill passes senate
  6. Frosty The KKK Snowman
  7. Finger-Flipping Crosswalk Sign Fixed
  8. Top 10 Baby Names of 2010.
  9. Obama visits Afghanistan....
  10. "Four Lions" A jihadist buddy comedy
  11. The Andrew Show, a Show for White Kids
  12. The cyberwar
  13. RIP Don Meredith
  14. Wetten Dass!
  15. Dead Man Impregnates Woman
  16. The government can't even print money properly
  17. Elizabeth Edwards Dies
  18. Arizona's new law for rationing organ transplants
  19. A Date That Will Live In Infamy
  20. Sterger won't sue, as long as Brett Favre is suspended
  21. Michigan Man, 67, Dies After Punch by Burger King Worker
  22. Air Force Unveils Fastest Defense Supercomputer, Made of 1,760 PlayStation 3s
  23. brain games
  24. HooRAH! Bea Arthur was a marine
  25. US Govt plans terror campaigns in major US cities
  26. The ALREADY SICK OF X-MAS Thread
  27. Santa Claus ousted, "rebranding" of a YMCA...
  28. Federal Judge Rules Against New National Health Care Law
  29. Inmate seeking kosher meals cites Festivus belief
  30. Gov't urges 'no refusal' policy on drunken driving
  31. Anne Hathaway Makes the Cut in Mr. Skin's Top Nude Scenes of 2010
  32. "Pure Michigan" Spoof Ads - Pretty Damn Funny
  33. Border Patrol Agent Killed in Southern Arizona
  34. Time's 'Person of Year': Mark Zuckerberg
  35. Ladies, Fudd is off the market.
  36. Angry about the economy
  37. drop-side cribs outlawed
  38. The Far side...and Other Classic Comics
  39. Barna Group's "State of Christianity" Research 2010
  40. FBI: Holiday gatherings could be targets
  41. 'Freedom Tower' Reaches Halfway Point - NYC
  42. NOW vs. Hooters
  43. R.I.P. Capt. Beefheart (Don Van Vliet)
  44. The more intelligent you are, the more you're likely to drink
  45. Pedophilia author banned from Amazon arrested in Colorado on Florida warrant
  46. RIP Steve Landesberg
  47. Broken vows: Their wedding wrecks two marriages
  48. Breast feeding
  49. Sign me up for welfare, free health insurance
  50. favorite time killing blogs and websites
  51. The Very Merry Christmas Thread
  52. North Korea threatens 'sacred' nuclear war if attacked
  53. What did Santa, Money...or 23% APR on a Credit Card get you for Xmas
  54. Pigs Have Flown!
  55. Teena Marie, known as 'Ivory Queen of Soul,' dies
  56. Former Oil Exec Predicts $5-a-Gallon Gas by 2012
  57. 150th Anniversary of the secession of South Carolina marked by gala ball
  58. The Ask SISCA thread.
  59. Elton John and David Furnish have Christmas baby
  60. Could spousal e-mail case open floodgates?
  61. Judson Phillips, of the Tea Party Nation, dreams of a Methodist-free world
  62. Cops: Man playing real-life 'Frogger' hit by SUV
  63. Iraq War Veteran, Wife Assaulted Outside Florida Theater by Teen Mob
  64. 3 suicide bombers used to kill tenacious Iraqi cop
  65. Happy Birthday Perticelli
  66. "16 years in prison over an $11 armed robbery"
  67. New Years with The Stooges
  68. Happy New Year!
  69. New Year Resolutions 2011
  70. 14 overused words are 'banished'
  71. Valerie Bertinelli remarries
  72. This is why men don't give birth...
  73. Happy Birthday LLFHS!
  74. Camp Restrepo: Afghan Outpost
  75. Happy Birthday JMJ
  76. A One-Girl Rock-n-Roll Band
  77. Happy Birthday Eddymon
  78. R.I.P. Pete Postlethwaite
  79. Murdered Filipino Politician Caught Gunman on Camera
  80. Ambulance That Carried JFK's Coffin Goes on Sale
  81. 10-Year-Old Kills Mother Over Chores
  82. Loose Christian movement says end of days is near
  83. New Edition of Huckleberry Finn edits out the "N" word
  84. Is this homeless man the new voice of movie trailers?
  85. Susan G Komen Foundation owns the phrase "the cure"???
  86. Dead birds and crabs
  87. Bizarre final hours of John P. Wheeler III
  88. Trump 2012
  89. Support a young Rising STAR!
  90. Oil prices drop after disappointing jobs report
  91. U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Shot
  92. Is there a way to find out what is really on a DVD?
  93. New George Bush Parody
  94. Hawaii Island-Hopping Cruises....
  95. Happy Birthday Executionor
  96. Landlord/Tenant Help
  97. RIP Major Dick Winters
  98. Wife of White House Adviser Found Dead in Burning Car
  99. Should We Change Handgun Laws?
  100. Boston debuts ambulance for obese patients
  101. How to properly manage a police chase
  102. Aussie Linkers???
  103. Toronto Cop killed by drunken idiot in snow plow
  104. Gun-toting jogger cleared of self-defense shooting
  105. Happy Birthday to our fearless leader!
  106. Money for Nothing’ too offensive for Canada
  107. Happy Birthday Lode!!!
  108. What's your sign?? I'm a Ari..Pieces?? WTF?!?!
  109. Marine told to remove US flag from his backyard by HOA
  110. Anyone have a ROKU?
  111. High school dealing with 90 teen pregnancies
  112. Committee recommends women should be allowed in combat units
  113. at least they didn't fall from the sky...200 dead cows found
  114. Army Colonel fired for Criticizing Powerpoint
  115. Researchers aim to resurrect mammoth in five years
  116. China-sponsored language programs in U.S.
  117. Welfare Tab for Children of Illegal Immigrants Estimated at $600M in L.A. County
  118. First The Karate Kid, now Will Smith Eyeing 'Annie' Reboot Starring Willow
  119. Do Not Try This at Home: It is NOT Baby Yoga
  120. Vegas!!!
  121. Is the way out for States' economic woes bankruptcy?
  122. Rep. Cohen explains use of Nazi imagery
  123. Lion Meat Returns to Arizona, via Tacos
  124. Police Search for Moron
  125. Top 20 concert tours for the week (some aren't even music)
  126. Keith Olbermann fired
  127. Jack LaLanne dies at 96
  128. Explosion Kills 31 at Moscow's Busiest Airport
  129. America's New Drug Problem: Snorting 'Bath Salts'
  130. Targeting the Taliban? There's an iPhone App For That
  131. American Idol 2011
  132. Mother Sent to Jail for Seeking a Better Education for Her Children
  133. Pot soda
  134. Freaky...Gorilla walks around upright
  136. Nancy Pelosi... lavish use of Air Force Aircraft.
  137. Diddy Sued for $1 Trillion, Blamed for 9/11
  138. The one, the only, the Scrambled Egg Sandwich
  139. RSS Feeds
  140. My unawesome, yet awesome week.
  141. Art, Acid and the CIA
  142. Cultured meat arrives!
  143. It's Not Just The Nuke Button We Have To Worry About Anymore....
  144. Dudeism
  145. Is 'hot saucing' discipline, or abuse?
  146. 100 Canadian sled dogs slaughtered due to drop in post Olympic tourism
  147. Massive Cyclone Yasi, more powerful than Katrina, makes landfall in Australia
  148. Laughter is the best medicine? Medical clowns help women get pregnant
  149. Demand Action From NBC-- Tell SNL That Transgender People Deserve Respect
  150. Welcome to the future of newspapers, magazines, books, and textbooks
  151. TNT's 'Dallas' Sequel Books Larry 'J.R.' Hagman
  152. WOW...this is BRILLIANT...
  153. UFO in Jerusalem? multiple sightings with video
  154. Where's my jet pack? Right here!
  155. New Mexico Natural Gas Shortage "State of Emergency"
  157. Cell Phones/Providers
  158. Vaginal steam cleaning gaining a toehold in spas
  159. America's 10 Best Chili Places.
  160. 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' mystery solved
  161. Anyone ever been audited?
  162. 1 World Trade Center courts Chinese companies
  163. Kinda bummed and not sure why
  164. Kickass! The Movie
  165. another case where medical technology is ahead of medical ethics
  166. Woman dies after butt injections at Philadelphia hotel
  167. Egyptian Revolution!
  168. Duke Nukem forever gets a release date
  169. Due to lost "smart" key, Prius might be totaled
  170. Happy Birthday to smithjc!!!
  171. McDonald's "Warm and sweet wedding package,"
  172. Nissan Leaf = Range Anxiety!
  173. CBS says reporter fine after on-air incoherence
  174. High School coach faces child porn charge
  175. Borders Bookstores Finally Bite the Dust
  176. Teachers March on Wisconsin Capitol as Senate Moves to Curtail Union Rights
  177. RIP Uncle Leo
  178. Great story!: 4-year-old digs through snow to help mom, brother
  179. Star Adrianne Palicki Lands the Lead in NBC's 'Wonder Woman' Reboot
  180. Billy Ray Cyrus "Hannah Montana ruined my family"
  181. Pennsylvania teacher suspended when her brutally honest blog is uncovered
  182. Museum Devoted to 8-Track Tapes Opens
  183. 3.5 Magnitude Earthquake Off the Coast of Alabama
  184. X-Men 4: First Class
  185. Iowa Teenager Doesn't Want to Wrestle With Girls
  186. Kayakers snap photo of England’s version of the ‘Loch Ness Monster’
  187. Am I wrong?
  188. "Beavis & Butt-head" to return!
  189. Gaddafi flees Tripoli as protesters set the Libyan parliament building alight
  190. Mother Suspended From Work For Taking Deployed Son's Call
  191. GPA 1.2... Honk if I need education
  192. Penn Juvenile Court Judges convicted of "selling" kids
  193. 4 Americans Gunned Down On Yacht Hijacked by Somali Pirates
  194. The Bad Sex Ed Blog...
  195. Bill Murray gives rare interview...Howard Stern Show 2-22-2011
  196. Is This the Best Burger in America?.
  197. Domino’s delivery driver comes to the rescue of elderly daily customer
  198. Indiana Dep. Atty. General Suggests "Use Live Ammunition" on Wisconsin Protesters
  199. Anonymous vs the Westboro Baptist Churh
  200. Mr. Potato Head Gets Off the Couch. Meet Hasbro's Slimmer Spud
  201. Human Breast Milk Ice Cream...those whacky Brits!
  202. Happy Birthday Number 47
  203. 25 Rescued Bolivian Lions Adjust to New Colorado Home
  204. Deadly Protests Rock Iraq
  205. Statue Fuels Controversy In Queens
  206. Blu-ray movies
  207. White Men Only Scholarship to be Offered
  208. GAO report on spending that one senator says 'will make us all look like jackess'
  209. Christina Aquilera arrested for being drunk in public
  210. ABC News Experiment...The Buy American challenge?
  211. DeLorean cars make a surprise comeback
  212. That's So Gay!
  213. RFK assassin to face parole board
  214. Calif. woman survives 35-mile ride on minivan hood
  215. charlie sheen
  216. Happy Birthday Scotty
  217. Tough Love: Are We Coddling Our Kids?
  218. Map of Obese Children by State
  219. GA Representative Seeking to Make Miscarriages "Prenatal Murder"
  220. DoD: Financial terrorism suspected in 2008 economic crash
  221. BYU suspends basketball player for having sex with his girlfriend
  222. High School Basketball Star Dies After Winning Shot
  223. 575 pound "Heart Attack Grill" spokesman dies at the age of 29
  224. Rango Trailers & Video Clips
  225. Rosario Dawson Explains Why She Grabbed Paul Rudd's Crotch on Stage
  226. The Men Who Stare At Women's Breasts
  227. Universal Studios Hollywood question
  228. Evidence of alien life?
  229. New NYPD Helicopter video of 9/11 attack surfaces
  231. Father of Murdered 5-Year-Old Says He'll Make Sure Killer Suffers Same Fate
  232. Happy Birthday, jimmy812!!
  233. How the human penis lost its spines
  234. 85-year-old U.S. Army sniper veteran proves he hasn't lost his skills
  235. High School students to get Wakeup Calls from school...
  236. Teen in U.S. charged in death of family hamster
  237. Happy Birthday Yankee Rose.
  238. Will March 19 'Supermoon' Trigger Natural Disasters?
  239. Five ways to get your lousy boss fired
  240. 8.8 Quake with Tsunami hits Japan!
  241. Bad Teacher
  242. Meet the new Conan the Barbarian
  243. I-Phone
  244. Al Qaeda's New Magazine for Women Mixes Beauty and Bomb Tips
  245. "Little Zangief", Casey Heynes
  246. Edited music video threatens to put singer in jail for 20 years...
  247. movie producers think we don't notice
  248. 3 year old treated for alcoholism
  249. Vote for Your Sexiest Woman Alive 2011
  250. U.S. Dollar Collapse Could Occur At Any Time, Says NIA