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All Day - 1983 US Festival

All Day - Studio Madness

All Day - VH Plays Covers

All Day - Sammy-Era Stuff

All Day - The Club Days

Saturday & Sunday
All Day - '77-'84 Live
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MONDAYS - 1983 US Festival
Relive all the magic of Van Halen's most-infamous live performance, in front of 250,000 people at the US Festival in Devore, CA on May 29, 1983. Van Halen was paid the highest amount ever for one single performance (at the time), $1 million! Listen to the entire show, some backstage chatter, and a short pre-show interview with David Lee Roth.

TUESDAYS - Studio Madness
Van Halen is a band that has put a lot of music on tape in the studio over the years. Listen to the unreleased gems that never made an album, or ones that were later altered and turned into other songs. There are tons of unreleased tunes that would have been rock and roll classics had they been released.

WEDNESDAYS - VH Plays Covers
Van Halen cut their teeth playing covers at backyard parties and in the clubs in Southern California in the mid-70's. Listen to them do some of the most well-known rock tunes of the 60's and 70's live during their early years. Van Halen had a special gift of twisting an original tune and "Van Halenizing" it.

THURSDAYS - Sammy-Era Stuff
Sammy Hagar spent 12 years in Van Halen, (1985-1996, 2004), so this day is solely dedicated to his time in the band, with live performances, unreleased studio tracks, and even some interviews. If you liked this era of Van Halen's history, this is the show for you.

FRIDAYS - The Club Days
Van Halen paid their dues in the clubs of Southern California for several years before they got signed, and this day is dedicated to all of those live performances that helped build them into rock and roll superstars. Listen to the birth of so many Van Halen classics, the creation of the Van Halen-sound, and of course the rise of Dave's bravado and Eddie's guitar heroics.

SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS - '78-'84 Live
Saturday is dedicated to all the live performances of Van Halen with David Lee Roth on vocals, and there's more than enough of them guaranteed to satisfy. Van Halen played everywhere from Irvine to Japan to Caracas, and we've got tons of live footage to share.
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    If you are having trouble configuring your player of choice, and can't get the broadcast working, try visiting Shoutcast's web site, which is the relay service Un-Radio uses. At Shoutcast.com, there are tons of documentation, FAQ's, and support forums that can help if you are struggling to listen.

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