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::. VHLinks Home Pages

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VHLinks was launched on September 2, 1999, as a service to Van Halen fans around the world, as the definitive resource guide for Van Halen-related sites on the internet. In over two years of service, VHLinks has logged over 6.8 million visitors to the site, and we have well over 325 links to VH-related resources on the internet. We are also the largest VH fan site on the net, and are ranked as one of the most popular Van Halen sites on Yahoo! and Google. As the internet changes, as technology advances, as web page designs become more intricate, we have attempted to stay up-to-date ourselves and have re-designed the site on several occasions, attempting to keep our design fresh.

Over the first 4 1/2 years of VHLinks, we have had four significantly different designs for the site. Each layout was a progression in quality, in terms of html coding and graphics. We tried to employ different uses of javascript, Flash, Server Side Includes, PHP, animated images, etc. to make the site visually appealing while continuing to make it functional and easy to use.

Below are selected screen shots from each of the four phases of VHLinks. The screen shots are links to actual home pages we had on the site throughout the years. While the example pages do have hyperlinks on them, many of them do not work anymore, as they simply are links to whatever target they went to at that time. Don't use these example pages as anything more than eye candy. Also, we have attempted to point out the significance of each screen shot, whether it was the use of our new logo, the site launch date, etc. Enjoy!

::. Phase 1 ("Old School")

VHLinks 09.00
  • Home Page On September 2, 1999
  • Site Launch Date

  • VHLinks 06.00
  • New Site Logo
  • Addition Of @fairwarning.com E-Mail
  • New Link Categories
  • "Fan Guitars"/"VHL Store" Added
  • "Site Of The Month" Replaces "Site Of The Week"
  • SOTM Screen Shot Added
  • SOTM Site Review Added
  • Addition Of VH Site Banners

  • ::. Phase 2 ("Candy Cane")

    VHLinks 09.00
  • New Layout Launched August 1, 2000
  • Slightly Altered Logo
  • Poll Added To Main Page
  • Poll Archive Added To Main Page

  • VHLinks 11.00
  • "Browse Categories" Box Added
  • E-Mail Login Moved
  • Site Updates Moved
  • Un-Radio Graphic Added
  • VH Store Banner Added

  • VHLinks 02.01
  • Site Navigation Graphic Changed
  • Added VHRadio.com Link Graphic

  • ::. Phase 3 ("Darker Shade Of Black")

    VHLinks 08.01
  • New Layout Launched March 3, 2001
  • Added VHL Archive
  • "Random Site Notes" Replaces "VHL Tidbits"
  • Added "Monthly Top 10" Section

  • VHLinks 08.01
  • Slightly Altered Logo - No More Stripes
  • Removal Of VH Logos
  • Addition Of Rotating VHStore.com Button
  • Slightly Altered Right Column Color
  • Removal Of SOTM

  • Official Merchandise
    Van Halen Store
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