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::. VHLinks Forum Pages

::. Go to VHLinks Home Pages

VHForums was launched on September 2, 1999 as part of the VHLinks.com site. The forums were located under the VHLinks.com domain until September 14, 2000, when VHForums was officially registered and the boards began using the new name.

Our discussion forums have brought Van Halen fans from all over the world together, with users ranging from those in the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK, Ireland, Germany, to even Saudi Arabia, Belgium, and Singapore. In just over 4 1/2 years, VHForums has hosted over 5.1 million visitors and served more than 60 million page views. With over 6,700 registered users and 570,000 threads on the site, VHForums is the largest Van Halen-related discussion forum on the internet. We also have a dedicated core of 21 active moderators who participate and facilitate discussions on the forums, as well as upholding our community standards. As of March 2004, VHForums will now be running once again under the VHLinks.com domain name, the way it started back in 1999.

As part of VHLinks, VHForums has also changed its layout several times to stay consistent with the "look" of its sister site. There have also been several features added to VHForums. over time, as the forum software we use (Ultimate Bulletin Board) continues to be improved by the makers of the script.

Below are selected screen shots from each of the three phases of VHForums. The screen shots are links to actual forum home pages from the last 4 1/2 years. While the example pages do have links on them, many of them do not work anymore, as they simply are links to whatever target they went to at that time. Don't use these example pages as anything more than eye candy. Also, we have attempted to point out the significance of each screen shot below the image. Enjoy!

::. Phase 1 ("Old School")

VHLinks Forums 01.00
  • Forums On January 24, 2000
  • 319 Registered Members
  • 5,266 Total Posts
  • 9 Forums
  • 6 Moderators
  • UBB Version 5.39b

  • VHLinks Forums 05.00
  • Forums On May 19, 2000
  • New Site Logo
  • Addition Of Van Halen Newswire
  • Addition Of "Who's Online"
  • Addition Of World Time
  • 1,324 Registered Members
  • 49,648 Total Posts
  • 11 Forums
  • 16 Moderators
  • UBB.classic Version 5.45b

  • ::. Phase 2 ("Candy Cane")

    VHLinks Forums 10.00
  • Forums On October 18, 2000
  • First Use Of VHForums.com Domain Name
  • New VHForums.com Logo
  • 1,872 Registered Members
  • 134,819 Total Posts
  • 13 Forums
  • 19 Moderators
  • UBB.classic Version 5.45b

  • VHLinks Forums 03.01
  • Forums On March 8, 2001
  • Site Navigation Menu Changed
  • 2,162 Registered Members
  • 175,046 Total Posts
  • 13 Forums
  • 19 Moderators
  • UBB.classic Version 5.45b

  • ::. Phase 3 ("Darker Shade Of Black")

    VHLinks Forums 03.02
  • Forums On March 5, 2002
  • Layout Seemless With VHLinks
  • "Recent Visitors" Replaces "Who's Online"
  • 3,260 Registered Members
  • 282,443 Total Posts
  • 13 Forums
  • 20 Moderators
  • UBB.classic Version 6.2.1

  • VHLinks Forums 03.04
  • Forums On March 4, 2004
  • Slightly Altered Logo - No Stripes
  • Addition Of Rotating VHStore.com Button
  • Slightly Altered Right Column Color
  • Addition Of 09.11.01 Remembrance Flag
  • 6,732 Registered Members
  • 574,793 Total Posts
  • 15 Forums
  • 17 Moderators
  • UBB.threads Version 6.2.2

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