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The Dutch Van Halen Fan Club (Circa December 1999)

Dutch Fan Club:: Iím a little depressed now. I need some cheer ups from you.

MA: You canít be more depressed than I am! I wish I had something I could tell you. Right now, the only thing I can say to cheer you up is that three weeks ago Eddie went for his hip operation and everything went great. Heís recuperating right now.

DFC: Thatís good news! But what happened with Gary?

MA: It was a mutual thing. Gary did leave the band because of writing differences stuff like that. After the holidays, when Ed getís better, weíre gonna see whatís going to happen. It could be a reunion with one of the others, with Dave or Sam. We havenít decided anything yet.

DFC: What are your feelings about this?

MA: Itís very frustrating.

DFC: On stage the band never sounded as good as the last tour.

MA: I totally agree. We obviously played music that we hadnít done, some of it, in twenty years. Right now, I guess the main thing is to wait until Eddieís well. Within a few months heíll be able to jump off his ass again. Weíre gonna take it slow this time and we donít want to make any mistakes.

DFC: When Gary joined the band, Edward said something like Ďif this bombs Iíll quit Van Halen and start writing film musicí...

MA: (laughs) No. I donít think heís going to do that. He also told people that he would quit and take up playing the tuba.

DFC: Well, he started to play cello!

MA: Itís in your bones, you know. We really have to think this one out whether we will get a new singer. I donít know if that would be the correct thing to do, at this point...whether we can settle differences with Sammy or come back with a reunion tour with Dave. So this is what we have to think out. I really donít know what to think because I think there are plusses and minuses for each thing. Weíll probably wait until the holiday is over and Eddie is pretty much back to normal. And then him, Alex and I get together and then weíll see whatís the best way to go.

DFC: You must have strange feelings towards this situation because all the splits didnít go very well.

MA: Thatís why it will be very...if we decide that we want to try something again with one of those guys then we definitely all have to get together and try to work out our differences, the problems that weíve had.

DFC: I guess it would be a major sell out if Dave returns.

MA: Oh yeah. I think Dave would probably come back. The reasons why it didnít work out after the ĎBest ofí were kind of silly reasons. Mostly on Daveís part. I donít know...itís kind of frustrating because I got a new guitar deal Iím working on with Yamaha guitars. Iíd like everything to work out with a big new tour. I definitely think that whatever we do weíre gonna kick some major ass.

DFC: Last time you were not very happy with the return of Dave and if you have to tour with him now...

MA: See, weíd have to put aside certain things, certain feelings. Itís for the best, we feel thatís for the best for the fans.

DFC: I think the fans will love it.

MA: Obviously, if Dave goes out with us, we canít play any of the Sammy material because Dave wouldnít be able to sing it.

DFC: And the other way around. I mean, Sammy was not very happy to sing the old stuff.

MA: Exactly, see we really would have to work out some things.

DFC:I donít know if this rumor on the internet is true, but was Ray Danniels fired?

MA: Yes, Ray Danniels is no longer managing us.

DFC: A lot of things are happening around Van Halen.

MA: Ooh yes!!

DFC: Now that rumor is true, thereís a bigger chance that Sammy will return because Ray Danniels was one of the reasons that he left.

MA: Yes, that was a big reason why he left. The vision that Ray had was not the way we wanted to be managed in the future. We had different ideas as far as what we wanted and that didnít agree with Ray. I think it will be for the better for us.

DFC: It seems that Sammy said, some time ago, that he wanted to do a ĎSam&Dave Tourí. Thatís pretty ridiculous, donít you think?

MA: I think itís pretty ridiculous too. Thatís just a rumor. I think somebody talked to Sammy and Sammy said that as a joke in an interview and they printed it.

DFC: The name of the band slipped my mind right now , but there is a band touring with two singers.

MA: Oh really?

DFC: But I guess thatís impossible for Van Halen. That wouldnít work.

MA: No, I donít think so. If we could work out something like that, it would be our last tour anyway. I mean, what would you do after that?

DFC: Maybe itís your turn, Mike.

MA: Oh jeez, I donít need that kind of pressure. If I could sing a song live, maybe sing one thing on the album, thatís fine with me.

DFCL: Did you hear about D.L.R. doing all the Van Halen stuff on his last tour?

MA: Yeah, someone gave me a video of him playing in Seattle, Washington. I guess he was opening up for Bad Company?

DFC: Yes thatís right

MA: I got the video and all the stuff except for two songs is all Van Halen.

DFC: Whatís your feeling about that? Donít you think thatís strange?

MA: Yeah, in fact D.L.R. has a cover band of Van Halen. The guitar player who was playing with him is in the band The Atomic Punks. It feels weird that the guitar player is copying Edís solo note for note. Itís like a total Van Halen Tribute band starring David Lee Roth.(laughs)

DFC: Iíve got to ask you about the rumor that you and Ed have jammed with David Coverdale.

MA: Weíve heard about that one too! Actually the latest rumor I heard was on the radio: Sebastian Bach. But I also heard that Skid Row is getting back together with him.

DFC: Oh, I didnít even know theyíd split up.

MA: When Sammy left the band, my technician Kevin did some shows with Skid Row and Sebastian Bach was telling him ĎKevin, I was born to sing with Van Halen. Youíve got to get me in that band!Ē(laughs)

DFC:Oh, heís a big Van Halen fanÖÖ.To close this conversation with something positive.ÖÖ..

MA: Yeah, youíve got to keep it positive.

DFC: For this issue Iím doing a story about how Mighty the Mighty Van Halen was, this century. Did you know that Van Halen is on number 11 in the list of best selling artists in the U.S.

MA: Oh really?

DFC: Van Halen sold more records in the U.S. than the Rolling Stones.

MA: Thatís good to know.

DFC: I knew Van Halen was big but when I saw that list, I was pretty amazed.

MA: We canít let that die.

DFC: And did you know that Van Halen is in the new edition of the Guiness Book of Records?

MA: Oh, no! I didnít know that either!

DFC: Van Halen is the band with the most number one hits in the Billboard Mainstream Rock List. Eleven number one hits.

MA: Oh really? And thatís in the Guiness Book of Records? I think Iím gonna pick that up.

DFC: Youíre done with U.S. Festival; itís no longer mentioned anymore. So I thought you might like to know this.

MA: Thatís great to know. There will be more good news next year!

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Interview © 1999 The Dutch Van Halen Fan Club

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