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Van Halen Links.com was launched on September 2, 1999 as a service to VAN HALEN fans around the world, as the definitive resource guide for Van Halen-related sites on the internet. Van Halen Links.com is not affiliated with Edward Van Halen, the rock band VAN HALEN, its management, or Warner Bros. Records. The VAN HALEN "winged" and "swirl" logos are the sole property of VAN HALEN, and Van Halen Links.com makes no claim to them in any way. Van Halen Links.com does not for vouche for the accuracy of information of sites linked from our directory.

We would like to thank the entire moderating team at our Van Halen Forums, for their contiunued effort and dedication all these years. This site would be nothing without their hard work. Also, our gratitude goes out to each and every forum member and visitor for helping to keep the spirit of VAN HALEN alive all these years with all of your posts. We recognize Jeff Hausman at the Van Halen Store for continuing to advertise and promote his official items on VHLinks. Thank you to everyone who has donated money to the help fund the site, we appreciate your generosity. Finally, our thanks go out to all of you who have created Van Halen-related web sites for us to catalog. VAN HALEN fans truly are the best fans on the planet, our hats are off to all of you.

Last but certainly not least, a very special thank you to Eddie, Al, Mikey, Dave, Sam, and Gary, who have given us over 25 years of amazing music, and have made all of this possible. VH forever!

Warmest regards,


Top Timmy
Graphic Artist/Webmaster

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